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    O.K. I know this message should be posted in the Vendor section, however I'm not qualified to do so yet. Just wanted to alert anyone that might be interested, and also give a little praise to I ordered my friction kit this past Friday afternoon. They shipped it the following day, Saturday, and I received it about 15 minutes ago, 2 days later ! Of course, we're both on the east coast. I was already on this forum when the mailman rang my door bell. Talk about fast shipping. And their packaging was terrific. Every piece was accounted for and not a single loose item anywhere. They did an excelent job ! My hat's off to them for quality and service !!!

    ..... PC .....

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    Is still using that flimsy U bracket that holds the channel to the frame?
    The Staton U bracket is rock solid so i don't understand why they cheaped out on the
    bracket as BMP copied Statons design

    It seems that BMP's new steel channel is just fine but I would still rather have the
    Staton aluminum extrusion
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    Porkchop, you might try reading the forum rules.
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    I read them......:smile:

    I don't sell friction kits although I own a Staton and
    nearly bought a BMP.

    I don't consider EZ motorbikes or the 2 stroke kits I sell
    as any competition to friction drives.
    They are in different catergories.

    I really like my staton friction drive for it's simplicity, ease of
    installation, changing motors, etc and am working on a way to
    change ratio's easily and fast.

    I have nothing to gain by my comparisons of Staton and BMP
    and I will continue to comment on all types of friction drives

    I am a friction drive customer just like you......aren't they great? :grin5:

    PS: I am following this thread by 5-7HEAVEN with great interest as he beat me to putting a high HP motor on a friction drive.
    I will be buying some parts to make a BMP / Staton drive hybrid.

    I had some trouble emailing the guy at BMP a while ago from a gmail account and I
    thought he was ignoring me, but it turned out he was not getting my emails.

    He is a very good seller and is very responsive unlike my pal Dave Staton.......
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    I have. I might have over looked something If you're refering to me posting a vendor realted thread in the wrong place, I sated in my first sentence why I did it ! I have no intention of breaking any rules on purpose ! No problem.
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    The U-bracket in my kit is steel. It seems to be quite stout. I don't think the steel bracket will be a problem. !
  7. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Both brackets are steel....
    Maybe they upgraded it?
    Have You seen a Staton bracket?

    Have you read the Vendor Reviews Forum?

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    Ideally, you would just wait until you have enough posts and enough time on the forum and then post in the appropriate location (in the vendor ratings thread.)

    The reason that we have these minimum levels, is so we can avoid having shills (vendor created user accounts posting in order to artificially increase a vendor's rating, or decrease a competitor's rating.)
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    Out of curiosity did u order any additional parts with your kit....the reason i'm asking is i ordered the optional 1" drive roller & received that PLUS an extra drive shaft & clutch drum?
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    I ordered the kit with 1.25" roller along with a 1" roller, throttle and kill switch. And that's exactly what I got. No more. No less. If I understand your reply, it sounds as though you got a few freebies !

    ..... PC .....
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    Yeah man u understood right,$30 worth of freebies......they must have felt sorry for me cos i come from the Southern Hemisphere. :grin5: