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  1. Anton

    Anton Administrator Staff Member

    BikeMotorParts Reviews:

    Other Names: BMP, BMP.Com
    Products: Engineless friction drive kits, parts. (This vendor does not resell the motors with the kits; he does provide a list of sources.)
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  2. s_beaudry

    s_beaudry Member

    Ok, I guess I am the first to leave the first ever review for BikeMotorParts....

    Here is the COMPLETE kit I bought for $169 + $12 shipping

    Before ordering I sent several emails asking questions about the kit, and also whether it was in stock. All of my emails were quickly answered by James and seeing the service I got by emails, I placed my order on Thursday the 4th, and got it delivered to me first class mail on Monday the 8th ( NY to SC ).

    I opened the package I was sent to find ALL PARTS were EXTREMELY well packed with no chance of damage in any way. All parts were accounted for and the friction drive kit was assembled almost completely by them.

    In checking all the parts I noticed that the clutch bellhousing had the threads tapped at an angle and in spinning it there was a very serious wobble to it. I emailed James on Tuesday the 9th and promptly got an email back apologizing for this and telling me they will send me a new bellhousing and also a new driveshaft just in case the original one was damaged in some way.

    True to thier word, I received the replacement parts by mail on Saturday the 13th. The replacement parts were in excellent condition.

    They include very well thought out documentation with the kit easily explaining how to assemble the kit to your bicycle. All hardware with the kit was of very good quality as well.

    In closing, I had a very very good experience with BMP and will definately purchase from them again. I am very happy with the price and quality of the kit, as well as the top notch service they provide. It was a pleasure doing businesss with them!


    More to add about the kit....

    Assembling the kit to the bike took about 20 minutes or so, all went smoothly!

    I am running a 43cc chinese knowckoff on this friction kit. The quick release seems to be holding the the engine either above, or locked in to the tire very well.

    This is my first friction drive I owned or rode on, and it vibrates a heak of a lot less then my HT setup.

    I would of liked the option to chose what size roller I wanted installed, but the 1.25" seems to get me up the hills well without pedaling on my part.

    Once again, dealing with BMP was a very pleasent experience for me, and even after purchasing from them, they still treated me with a high level of respect.

    They definately earned my future business!
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  3. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    Yeah, the problem for me is how to review BMP fd assembly w/o talking about Staton too much.

    Oh well, here goes:

    I have both BMP and Staton, identical in design with some differences in materials and workmanship. Much of the differences one might say are cosmetic. The fit and finish on Staton is far better, anodized aluminum and zinc plated hardware, the BMP single coat painted. I scratched the channel up on the BMP kit pretty bad just installing it though no biggie 'cause it's aluminum. The Staton channel to my mind is a better grade with rounded corner extrusion vs the BMP which is square stock. The BMP kit shows toolmarks on the milled edges, the Staton smooth CNC work.

    Structally, the biggest gripe I have with the BMP kit is the U bracket, it's far lighter duty. 1" strapping vs 1 1/4" with Staton. Can't figure out why they'd scrimp there since this is the main support in a pretty simple mount. It flexes with the weight of the motor, enough so that in order to get the drive spindle exactly where I wanted it, 90° to the tire, I had to use a little "Kentucky windage" and slightly cant the U bracket higher on one side of the bike frame (1/4") to offset the torsional flex. They should change this or you can....order one from Staton for 12 bucks, the 1 1/4" is solid as a rock.

    Bearings and such look the same, but who knows, you can't see them on either kit. Other hardware the same.

    All in all it's okay. It's less expensive than Staton but Staton has the bugs worked out. Speaking of pricing, it has fluctuated some. When I first saw these kits they were $199 shipped, I bought mine for $159 shipped on BO a month ago, now they're $181 shipped but the funny thing at least one night last week they were $151 shipped on BO. Getting the bugs out I guess.

    Last word, customer service is great. Emails answered by the next morning, repeatedly. The back-order schedule ran longer than expected and to compensate the owner sent along some extras.
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  4. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    Flawless transaction.
    The only thing i needed to do was fab a longer/stronger U-bracket cos the kit was going on a dual-suspension MTB.
    I recommend their optional finger's the first time i've used one & there great.
    Good vendor. :D
  5. mlcorson

    mlcorson Member

    Very good transaction. The parts are very well made. Kit installed very easily. I had to fab an extension for the u bracket as my bike seat stay was lower than normal. Wrote them about it and they suggested an extension and how to fab it. Overall an A.
  6. Pirate88179

    Pirate88179 Member

    My BMP kit

    James at BMP is truly a nice guy and it was a pleasure doing business with him. The kit was actually better than advertised (very rare these days) and he answered all of my questions about the installation.

    The kit arrived packaged very well as if the person packing it actually cared about the product. Installation was a breeze and took less time then they claimed in the videos.

    I have been riding this set-up for a few months now and I have had 0 problems with any of the BMP supplied components.

    It is well designed, well built, very reasonably priced, and well packaged with great customer service. I could not have asked for more.

  7. andyszyd

    andyszyd Member

    I am happy with my BMP kit, my first built, it does not get any easier than that.

    James is very responsive and helpful, excellent and prompt post sale support.

    I would buy again, would recommend to a friend.

    Thing to improve: it would be nice if BMP offered larger choice of rollers.
  8. a/c man

    a/c man Member

    BMP has great customer service

    Although I only bought a set of bearings, I got the impression that the folks at BMP really care about their customers. When I called to inquire about my parts
    I got immediate answers about my shipping and even got a return phone
    call to let me know that the post office was closed (legal holiday that day)
    and I would be shipped on the next day. It arrived at my door I believe in 2 days. The bearings were just what I needed and will certainly not hesitate to order from them again. Thanks for good service.
  9. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    Bmp Kit On Sale For $129!!

    James could probably teach Christmas wrapping for Sears and UPS, it is so well done.

    I purchased two kits from them and was very satisfied. However, I needed to use steel 1.375" and 1.5" friction rollers with my 5hp GP460 engine. The rubber 1.5" roller I ordered did not last long. Hopefully, their urethane rollers will last longer.

    Staton friction rollers are interchangeable with BMP friction drive kit, as long as you use Staton's clutch bell, spacer and bearings. Both kits use the same 1.375" OD size, but different ID size. The great advantage to BMP's housing is that the bearings are a slipfit, not pressfit. If you lightly sand Staton's friction rollers, they become a press fit also, which makes it VERY easy to replace and reinstall rollers or bearings into the BMP kit.

    I like BMP's rear support struts better than others. If you saw off the top ends, you can slip the drive housing up more than 90 degrees and have EXCELLENT access to the roller, bearings and motor mount bolts.

    I never had any problems running my TLE Mitsubishi 43cc engine or my 5hp GP460 engine with the this kit.

    BTW, the BMP kit is on sale for $129!!

    They also ship via USPS-Priority Mail, which is MUCH cheaper than UPS for me.
  10. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    a/c man, bearings are MUCH cheaper if you buy on ebay or gokart websites. Something like $2.50 apiece.
  11. Gh0stRider

    Gh0stRider New Member

    Super easy installation. Fast shipping. Simple design. I got mine on a "scratch 'n dent" sale several weeks ago. $119 + shipping plus accessories like a 1.25" roller, throttle cable, and kill switch. Just got it running tonight and I am pleased with the performance.

    I am using a 49cc minimoto engine. (cagliari pocket bike engine) Bolts right on, and performs well.
  12. Pirate88179

    Pirate88179 Member

    Yes, this kit is well worth the money and it does everything claimed that it will do. I have had mine running now for about a year and I am well pleased. Plus, James is so very nice to deal with up there. Excellent kit for sure.

  13. Tanaka40

    Tanaka40 Member

    Just bought Parts

    I wanted to attach a rack to my dual suspension MB and could not find any brackets that suit my needs. I saw an AD for BMP about their 8+ inch standoff that fit the dual suspension bike. I bought one by calling them and asking a few questions. The person on the phone was very helpful and polite. Service was fast and shipped proirity mail that arrived in 3 days from the east coast. I would buy again from them. :cool2:
  14. jim_himself

    jim_himself Member

    While I haven't had mine for very long there friction drive kit bolted right on and has held strong. The kit is well worth the money and in my opinion the best one around.:D
  15. Whizzerd

    Whizzerd Member

    Excellent American made unit w/ superlative service. What more could one want?
  16. billy270

    billy270 Member


    i was in to the 2 strokes i bought a 4 stroke gx35 and bmp kit and i am 100% happy with the cash i have spent its sweet quite i love it there by far the best....... but if they came out with a chain drive id deff buy it with no worries....... there customer service is the best by far..... keep up the great work.......
  17. Whizzerd

    Whizzerd Member

    Something else to keep in mind too. The BMP is a QUALITY product made IN THE USA! Can we say that about MOST of our IMPORTS? Over 800 miles now on my original unit(out of 4 purchased). Am using one now for a customer build. EZM for an Inframe build and BMP for the Friction Drives. You lose what you've saved when the junk lets you down 40 miles from home!
  18. lowracer

    lowracer Member

    BMP Kit

    Before buying my kit I had a few questions & emailed Jim @ BMP. Jim replied to my questions quickly & is an enthusiast as well as a manufacturer. I ordered my BMP kit in Oct of 2010 & received it via Priority shipping in 2 days.
    I was quite happy once it arrived & glad it was burlier than I had expected. I am also glad the channel is Steel (vs Aluminum). The main reason I went for the BMP was for its engineering (the 1/2" steel shaft that runs between the outboard bearings). I planned on running as a fricton drive for about a month or until the driven tire wore out & then switching it to a V-Belt drive by simply removing the friction drive roller via 2 set-screws & installing my 1.5" V-Pulley w-1/2" bore to slide right onto the shaft & held firm w-1 set screw. The kit is great either way & I highly recommend both the kit & the company behind it. Jim @ BMP has followed up with me on questions I had after the sale & given me good ideas and advise.
  19. occchopperfl

    occchopperfl Member

    Hi All,

    I got my kit from James at BMP last Thursday, on time as promised.

    Before buying the kit, I spent a bunch of time emailing and talking to James about the kit, and he was always patient and extremely helpful.
    Don't want to sound like a broken record, but thank you again James.
    I'll make sure to post and email pics when installed.

    I "unwrapped my toy-present" to myself, and the kit looks and feels first rate.
    Things came up and I didn't have the chance to install it yet.

    I will also post a review after the kit has some miles on it.

    Two thumbs up!

    For those of you who don't know, James contact info is:

    Please email your questions to

    Mailing Address
    c/o Formula Bicycle Engines
    936 Red Mill Rd.
    Greenville, New York 12083 USA
    Telephone: 518-772-4592

    Happy Thanksgiving in advance to all! :)
  20. billy270

    billy270 Member

    bmp is a far better kit than any one has.... the only down fall is the friction drive but thats also the beauty..... simple and relable... i get real close to a 1000 miles one a tire if not more i also have a pic of my set up there if they come out with a gear drive are even a belt drive as long as its made by bmp ill have one