Bikes and Bridges- Getting to the Far Shore

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    I came across a biking article from Seattle, WA.

    There seems to be a REAL bugger, the Ballard Bridge, that prevents bikers from getting optimum results.

    My "horror bridge" was coming into Greenville, MS. last year. In yon distance, about a half mile south, one could see construction of a new modern structure, but presently it is a 2 NARROW laned bridge, and 2 truckers passed me with inches of manuever room.

    When the second semi-truck passed I got P.O.'d, held up my left hand and pulled into the main traffic lane.

    Nobody else was going to get by me for the rest of that crossing. If I was a native I probably would have acted different, but a stranger can get by with bigger traffic boondoggles.

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    Having a discussion over in RACK EM UP, that really pertains to all Motor Assisted bicycles, so I will copy/paste it HERE to possibly stir up discussion.

    Here is your STRONGEST legal leg to stand on.

    First: there is a distinction between a EXERCISE PATH (don't go on these), or a KIDDIE PARK (don't go on these).

    If a cop stops you, tell him those are the two verboten to Motor Assisted Bikes.

    Now, if you are using the bike to commute to work or school, and the bike path is used ONE WAY/IN TRANSIT , plus you feel safer, then that is great justification, the type of precedence we need to note.
    We can keep the list, right here on, "Problem Areas"/"Solutions Installed"/"Lawsuits Pending".

    Last September, right before joining I encountered my first Rails to Trails, from Jacksonville AL to Piedmont AL. 33 miles long now, the Chief Ladiga Trail is supposed to join up with another crossing into Georgia.

    Now, the INTENT of that "motor"restriction IN NO WAY applies to US.

    We are using BICYCLES on taxpayer financed properties. We need the engines to MAXIMIZE the bicycle benefit.

    Practice courtesy, slow down/coast near pedestrians, use your brains in city limits. ZERO littering.


    Think about it.

    You are in, early founder of a movement, and it is better to get your area Motor Assisted Bike friendly, for the folks that are going to follow your lead.

    Read Thatsdax' Federal/legal guidelines specific to OUR movement. Don't let them put you in the category of pocket rockets or off road ATV's. Use path's wisely, but don't let them push you around if you are NOT abusing the pathways.
    Hell, tell the judge you want a jury, then tell the jury that small towns have spent millions of dollars trying to defend restrictions against

    USING is different than ABUSING, and USING is legal, ABUSING is not, and unless your traffic ticket has some evidence of ABUSE (i.e. littering)
    then you are OKAY.