Heath said in response to my introductory post "personally, i want to see the military dodge and your carvings!" I don't have the dodge mentioned in that post anymore. I now have a similar truck made by Volvo. It is a 1956 command car built for the Swedish military. It came with a factory bike rack that holds two bikes. There were 724 of the things made. The nickname for this vehicle is sugga, which means sow in Swedish. The other miltary truck I have is a 1965 Mercedes Unimog. It was also a command car. My handle psuggmog is a blend of sugga-a+unimog-uni. There was a post somewhere on this forum where folks were showing mercedes benz pictures and talking about bikes. I am posting a picture of a mid 1960s Peugeot PX10E frame I made into a fixed gear bike(1 speed no freewheel=pedals always turning when bike in motion) leaning against my unimog. Fixie riders are somewhat similar to motobike folks. More minimalist, but just as passionate a group of gearheads. The car in the fourth picture is a 1983 mercedes turbodiesel wagon, just for scale.





WHOA! That is a really cool truck. I have no idea how 20 or so people have already viewed this but not said anything. It's like everything I would've wanted a VW beetle to be. Oh man....I can't stop looking at it. I opened that post in another window just so I could switch between this reply and the pics. My keyboard now seems to be wet too....drool...
What's the engine in that thing?


oh man! i just now did see this post! that volvo is AWESOME!!!!!! i'd love to own a unimog, but i don't have the $ to spare. any pics of the unimog you can post?


psuggmog, I take it you collect old military vehicles. I don't know if you restored the Volvo or not but I'm curious about the paint you used on it. I'm into old cars and I'd really like to paint something a satin olive drab. The paint on that Volvo has the look I'm looking for. It would look good on a low buck rod. Is it a 2 part urethane? Do you know the color name and brand? Thanks. :D


answers to some of viewer's questions

1)Volvo engine: original engine 230 cuin flathead six similar to old chryslers but with a forged steel seven main bearing crankshaft. The chryslers had soft cranks with way less bearings, they tended to self destruct if reved over about 3000rpms for very long. Many people have retrofitted big and small block american V8s of various makes, there are a few with transplanted diesels, and a few more with Volvo 3.6liter V8s.

2)Olive drab paint. My trucks have originial military issued paint. About 10 to 25 coats of it. Any good paint shop can mix it for you. I've also seen it in rattlecans. Some of the milspec paint has radar confusing additives in it.

3) Sugga bikes: the original bikes were made by Husqvarna. Unfortunately I don't have one yet but a fellow chainsaw carver who lives in Sweden is trying to find one for me. The Swiss army also uses bikes similar. Check out the brakes in the swiss bike pictured. Drum rear, tire rub front

the unimog has 16 inches of ground clearance under the differentials. The bottom of the tire pictured is 2 feet off the ground.


The Volvo's face.