Heath said in response to my introductory post "personally, i want to see the military dodge and your carvings!" I don't have the dodge mentioned in that post anymore. I now have a similar truck made by Volvo. It is a 1956 command car built for the Swedish military. It came with a factory bike rack that holds two bikes. There were 724 of the things made. The nickname for this vehicle is sugga, which means sow in Swedish. The other miltary truck I have is a 1965 Mercedes Unimog. It was also a command car. My handle psuggmog is a blend of sugga-a+unimog-uni. There was a post somewhere on this forum where folks were showing mercedes benz pictures and talking about bikes. I am posting a picture of a mid 1960s Peugeot PX10E frame I made into a fixed gear bike(1 speed no freewheel=pedals always turning when bike in motion) leaning against my unimog. Fixie riders are somewhat similar to motobike folks. More minimalist, but just as passionate a group of gearheads. The car in the fourth picture is a 1983 mercedes turbodiesel wagon, just for scale.





Well now I have to register just to post in this thread :D

This sugga was built in my home willage, v8 :)

Another Volvo terrain vehicle is the more common Valp (puppy).
Uses straight sixes and the b20 as in the pv and duett :)

The bike I plan to motorize is the same type as the ones in the first post, pic and progress here:

psuggmog they cost about $100-150 on the used marked, have a look (dont try to read :LOL:)


Peter, thanks for the pictures and information. I checked out the links. I have seen a few valps here. I know a man who has a C330