bikes running good.(in my point of view.)

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by untamed, Nov 10, 2010.

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    Hey everybody! ive been reading alot talking little,cuz i hadent had eneough time riding to see if i would prove to everybody wat a knucklehead i am or if i could convince u otherwise.anyway i finshed my build a month ago burnt 2 tanks of gas, went to work for 14 days came back burnt my3rd,bought my inboard computor and im ready to report! i bought ahuffy nel lusso from wally and amoter off ebay turned out its called pizhou yongxing,and in a nutshell everthing went together SIMPLY.only modification was,on my vertical mount(the one wid de seat)i had to put 3 washers on each side of that mount to make everything flush.i.e the washers i used(i just remerberd another modif.) came wid the rear wheel assem.and they were alittle to big on the chain side(going into the motors sprocket).havent changed it yet cuz its a mi"nute rubb on the chain back side, but i have to rembr for a lack of a chain braker i dremeled my chain studs-dont want that to happen to every link at one time on the side i dont look at much,wouldnt have not noticed but i kept seeing alot of dust on my engine,clutch,side.other en dat. everythings worksalright. since swithed to 50;1 ive hit32.5mph avr spd 24.lucky me.:cool2:

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    I am now blind !! My eyes died trying to read your post.
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    Good lord! Texting is killing the English language!-Gearhead
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    bikes not running at all now!

    Sorry guys, from now on I wont post after 11:00p.m. Things happen. Other than that, coming back from O'rielry's bike stoped:shout: New plug has fire tink its carb. Put O-ring danke 40#,no cranck still. Had to go offshore,fool wit it's later.