bikes up and running.

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  1. Jefro50cc

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    bike is finally up and running :)
    bought a repco frame from big w, i bought the whole kit from our suppler down at brickwork markets(for people in Adelaide,SA) most stock stuff,and bought an exspanion chamber exhaust, it does sound alot better and deffently has more of a 2-stroke sound. it seems to give better performance its got alright take off and alot better top end :) deffently recommend to get one,bike is reaching 50km/hrs so far. its a good speed specially for a stock 49cc engine. then a few days later my mate gave me his engine as his new rock solid engine hp2 50cc engine rocked up(recommened to get a rock solid engine great quater and parts)so didnt spend alot getting it all up and running.

    the only problem i get is every bout 10mins of riding i have release the fuel cap to let some air threw. but put it straight back on and runs fine till it does it again, and was just wandering if anyone had any ideas on what i could do to prevent it from happening, would be much appriceated.

    but besides that my bikes all good and is running fine :)
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  2. HarryO60

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    My bet is your gas cap isn't venting. Check your cap for dirt or obstructions.
  3. Sgt. Howard

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    Actually, check the cap and see if they put a vent in it- my first build had that issue and I had to drill a small hole in the cap :army:
  4. Jefro50cc

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    No worries, cheers.
    Yeah my mate just drilled a little whole in his aswell and my caps pretty much brand new seals good. Will drill a hole and see how she goes :)