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    i purchased a bicycle engine and chain drive kit; only to discover that the aluminum frame on my 25 year old mtb was bent; when i went to install the kit...Therefore i am shopping for a new bicycle to motorize; and saw almost too good to be true deals on and; as opposed to what my local bicycle shop was selling...My question is; have you ever purchased from them; and if so; was it quality products as advertised; or a ripoff/scam? i would appreciate any input; as i do'nt have much money... Thank-You

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    If you'll put up the links to the specific bikes you're thinking about, that would really help us all out...
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    Stay away from them. You can get some good deals but be very careful and research ALL the details of what you are buying. After you buy it do not count on them for any support. They have retail outlets under another name that sell for the same prices as BD online. Research it, I think it is called Cyclesports or something like that. If they have is a store near you then go there where you can talk to humans and look at the bikes. Never deal with anyone who does not give out their phone number... BD does not. Caveat Emptor
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    Very well said Aesop....

    I truely believe that customer service someone provides is a very strong and reliable view of how that company will treat you during and after a sale. If you can not even call and talk to someone, that would suggest that you are pretty much by yourself if there is an issue or you need help.

    There are way too many companies here to not be treated the right way!
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    Be sure to check craigslist too. There can be some real sleepers on there. I've seen GT's go for 60 bucks, the Portland list had a skykomish exactly like mine for $15 last week. Don't skip the ad's that just say "old bike" sometimes it a landlord getting rid of a bike left behind. You might score a $400 bike for under a hundred. Good Luck
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    I bought a 29er from Bikes Direct, would buy again. They shipped very promptly and the bike was in perfect condition. Did the person who had negative comments on them actually buy from them?
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    I just ordered a 29er too! Was ordered late yesterday, shipped today... and it'll be here in 2 days, which is a Friday!! Better timing than what their website was hinting to. I like for a company to under-promise and over-deliver by a wide margin. I'm impressed already, and already know I'll have to replace a thing or two... so everything's left up to UPS for my overall experience!! :ack2:
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    Have you ever bought from BIKESDIRECT ?