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    Just wondering if anyone out there has had any dealings with this company...and if so, what were your results.

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    That Neodynamics thing looks cool, but complicated!
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    Hello in Columbia, SC...from Doug in Panama City, Fl.....Neodynamics is NOT the right site...Its the first one on your in Michigan....A friend visiting Chicago found there ad in a magazine....that how I became aware of these engines....
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    This is a statement the site makes:

    In new york state, it is illegal to drive a motorized bicycle (bicycle with helper motor attached,) on any street/parking lot/roadway, etc., where cars drive. There are also issues in several other states (IL, WA) which may make it impossible to legally ride. And, there is NO federal law regarding motorized bicycles. There was a proposed federal regulation, that, AFAIK, was never implemented.

    His blanket statement that is it street-legal in all 50 states is flat-out wrong.

    There's some other items in their FAQ that's really stretching the truth beyond where it should go. Almost no maintenance for a year, for instance...
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    In the left column of THIS Page is an ad for strongly advise everyone to be very careful if you deal with these people
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    The $299 for the whole kit with engine seems good, and showed a friend looking to motorize a bike. Is there any cheaper way to get the engine and sprockets so I could build it myself on to the friend's bike?
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    WARNING TO ZnSANE...check further ....299.00 is NOT a good price , and that does not include freight,........

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    i bought from them... they were very nice.. seemed to be a guy working out of his kitchen.. and was expensive.. the engine is solid though and does work. but if you can shop around i would.. the upgraded version is a must tho. good luck
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    I have purchased a few engines from this seller on ebay. His ebay prices are much cheaper and the product is good and so is his service.