BILLET 50cc 2 stroke 3d model!

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    Just having a bit of fun i dicided to make a 3d model of a extremely modified billet HT :idea:
    It will have and cast in iron sleeve with an aluminium cylinder which you can see it next to the head in building process(will be pretty hard to make the ports:sweatdrop:)
    the botton end will be in die cast magnesium(just like high powered light weight chainsaws:rolleyes7:) with a especial lube system(still needs fuel/oil mix but will have to be very low(something like 80:1) because the reduction gears will be in an oil bath and that same oil runs through the main and rod bearing all the time(crank seals will have to be inside the crank case while normal 2 strokes use on after the crank bearing if you know what i mean(i will 3d model it and then i will post for every one to see)
    I will make it that way because the first thing to blow up in a good 2 stroke is the main and rod bearings so this type of lubrification system will allow the botton end to last at least 2x longer so botton end rebuilds will be not as frequent making the engine very long lasting(and when the piston blow you can just rebuild the top end and rebore the sleeve not having to worrie about the botton end:tt1:)
    Any susgestions????
    AND CAN ANYONE MESURE A HT engine for me just to have some idea of how big i can make it(i have posted a threat on that but no one awsered me!:eek: here it is: THANKS!)


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