Billet aluminum twist throttles


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May 9, 2008
Mesa, AZ
This is another gripe I've had with these HT kits. The twist throttles are just shoddy. Sloppy action, etc. yeah, they work, but I want to have a nice smooth action and feel on my bike that I can really enjoy while riding..

So, I found a couple of affordable billet aluminum twist throttles that will work on a 7/8" handlebar:

This one is a red anodized billet aluminum 1/4 twist throttle. $30 from this place:

Same place also has a gold anodized billet 1/4 twist throttle for $22:

So, have you guys found any other options for high quality motorcycle grade twist throttle assemblies?
does any1 have statons twist throttle? how is it?

also interested in other twist throttle info. i ordered statons already so i assume i wont need a cable etc. but if its **** i want to get a better one.
I should get mine in soon.. I'll let you guys know how the quality, feel, and action is on it. Anything has got to be better than these sloppy HT kit throttles.
I got my throttle in. for the price, it is VERY nice. there is little to no slop in the movement and it comes with 3 throttle cable positions tht you can choose from within the twist assembly. The housing is entirely machined aluminum & loks like it should hold up for a long time.
Here are some photo of the twist throttle:

One other thing about thes throttles. The portion that the handgrip slips onto is also metal. With a little grease between the handlbebrs and the throtte unit, it should an almost frictionless operation.

Now, the downside.. these wont work with rapid fire shifters on my bike without sme modificatin to the shifters to clear the throttle
this is my dad's favorite supplier, its the cheapest, for motorcycles and they have high quality stuff. my dad even bought their engine for one of his bikes. i have a ton of stuff on my bikes from here also.
i replaced all my throttles with part number 35-7
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I know this is old, but I thought I'd try. Cool twist grips. Are the inserts metal as well? Also the place the cable end attaches to...most stuff is plastic, how about this one??
throttle choices:

I went with this one with "regular throw"

works great.
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