"Billet" Clutch Actuator

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  1. Hey Jim,>>>Creative Engineering, Clearwater,FL.
    Thanks for stopping work and installing our upgrade covers. seems it took longer to roll the bikes into your shop, than it did to install the parts.
    The "one finger" pull is a great improvement over the stock part, The cam eccentic makes stop and go really smooth. We only got 78 miles that day, had to get back to Tennessee, before the ice storm.
    Looks like We need to buy a third one, Allen stole the one off Howard's bike (since we can't ride in this weather) to put on his,

    We told him about the mag and clutch cover, You will be making soon, He thought they will be cool to "dress up" the engine and might even lower the noise level due to the thicker and more solid aluminum.


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    I've been following all your posts. Y'all are making "leaps & bounds" with all your cool add-ons & improvements.
    The dual carb setup sure looks cool!! Maybe with all the porting & balancing you do....you'll need 2 carbs.

    ya know....I can adjust one carb wrong...hehehe & push way more fuel thru my stock engines than needed!!

    question....where are you getting the metal aircleaners? are they the ones with the louvered covers? I haven't seen those since 2004.

    keep up the good work!!
  3. They got the covers out of the "spare parts" bucket. Allen finished the intake today. looks like a cast part.

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    I'm having a tough time understanding what I'm seeing; is the dual carb engine mounted backwards? How do you work out the drive on that?
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