Billet intake tube manifold for new Grubee Engines? Where are they?

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    Greetings everyone, I'm new to this forum, and I have a new Grubee starfire 58cc Gen IIA engine that is very tight fitting in my bike frame. So tight that I had to use a shorter intake manifold from manic mechanic. The only problem was that I cannot find a supplier who makes it for the new larger intake port stud spacing of 40mm. And many grubee engines have a larger intake now.

    Most of the older style engines have a 30mm intake port stud spacing, and smaller intake tube, mine has the issue of limited mod options for tight fitting carbys, in Australia nobody makes them..

    My only option was to use the Manic Mechanic short Billet intake manifold and make a special adapter to fit the tube on vertically, because the tube mount holes were 10mm smaller.

    My adapter technique works, but is only temporary until someone can point me in the right direction as to where I can find an intake manifold that is short like manic mechanics design, but with the larger 40mm mounting holes for larger intake port stud spacing.

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    Contact MM he has some of the older PK-80 intakes that have that spacing.Hes only got a few left.
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    okay thanks