billet type engine mounts

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    Been searching for hours.
    Does anyone recall a thread titled something like, 'large frame motor mounts solved'???
    It had some excellent photos of billet type mounts, and others.
    I believe one response was from some young fellow who worked at a machine shop, and was building these mounts on the sly, or after hours. Nicely made.
    Would love to have the pics he supplied.

    No scolding PLEASE!!! I really have tried searching, and can't come up with any other word combinations.

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    I tried to help hillofbeans out with a search but could not find the thread he mentioned.
    I remember the thread very well and it was posted in the last week or so. I think the poster said he may start to sell them.
    Anyhow , this is a good reason to think about the titles of posts when starting a thread.
    When I start a thread I always think of how to word it for a search. There is not much point in starting a thread with " I'll try this" or "what do you think?".
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    Thanks Oscully and Cooltoy,
    I am familiar with photos from Bean Oil and already had them saved in a pics folder.
    Your memory serves you well cooltoy. He did mention thinking of selling them or building them for MB members. Good photos, well made. They seemed perfect for builds on stock models with outsized frames. Snug. Searching does get tiresome when you have forgotten to jot it down, or can't remember the vague and useless tags as you mentioned.

    I wish engine mounting could be more universal in its approach, and engineering, without ending up with piece heavy enough to mount a small block.
    I hope there is success in consulting with the folks at Ridley. Between billet, and what the are using on Felts, a lot of solid design possibilities for some kind of standard.
    Thanks, Tom Hill
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    I'd still like to find that elusive and fairly recent posting. You shouldn't need to write it down if titled appropriately.
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    The thread you are looking for is on the other bike forum site.
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    thanks beachcruiser and seca40,
    How embarrassing! It was the other site under "oversized tubing solved".
    The whole thread is very informative, as is the one seca40 mentioned from creative engineering. I will go and vote.
    Well worth posting that thread and photos here, if it isn't hiding somewhere already.
    Thanks for the help,
    Tom Hill
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