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Jul 18, 2008
I have had two encounters with the bpd. Once we were riding down a main street at 2 in the morning. two police officers pulled us over, one was cool about everything, the other was being very serious about our bikes. IF they were legal or not. after finding out that we were. both joked around with us and let us go on our way. the second cop that pulled me over told me i needed a license. was very rude, and not understanding any of my rights as a mb rider. how can i deal with cops like him that don't believe me about not having to have an endorsement? our state laws on mb are not clear on mb. so i use federal laws of under 50 cc. and can only reach 30 mph. thing is some cops around here want us to keep up with traffic.(no bike lanes) some want us on sidewalks. wht do i do?
I would get clarification in writing at the police station. Then keep it with you every time you ride. Tell them about your situation and show them a PICTURE of your bike. So don't ride over there on it just in case.
I hope this helps a little -- seems to be a slight grey area here in Calif (my thoughts only) many will say -- no gray area... Anyway - I have contacted two law enforcement agencies through e-mail - one real close to where I live - the other a hundred miles away - giving them the exact hp of my gas engine -- informing them that I have no drivers license -- asking them if I can ride without a drivers license -- and they have written back to me stating -- YES YOU CAN RIDE .. I carry both statements with me while riding.. Do I think that these statements will save me from getting a ticket -- not always -- a pooolice officer -- some anyway -- in their own minds -- when not sure -- make their own laws --- don't wish to hear any rebuttal in regards to this statement -- have worked around, lived next to and had enough pooolice in the family to state the facts... Happy Riding from - Mountainman
just a thought i bought stickers off ebay saying 200w pedal assist & stuck them on the clutch cover etc.havent been pulled up yet bit hope this will do the trick.