Billy Bolegs!

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    just wanted to share a short story bout my ride today downtown and to the island to check out some of the action of the pirates taking over

    well going to work today and my boss had pulled out his 1987 Kreider(?) moped working on the carb. it had a sticky float. a little alcohol and tinkering had it running at 25mph again and purring smooth.
    he decided we should ride together down to the billy bowlegs festival (its like a history of our town where the pirates took over the settlers) anyways rode downtown had a good time ate euros and lemonade took some pictures
    it started sprinkling we decided to go over to the other side of bay for better view of the party
    we get over the bridge chill for a miniute and then outa nowhere DOWNPOUR around 50 mph winds trying to ride over a tall bridge no fenders, glasses, or rain gear. not much fun
    ended up at a gas station about 4 miles into the ride home to wait it out a miniute ended up calling my girl for a ride home.
    first time i didnt make it home under my own power :(

    so basically fenders are a must and rain gear will be preset anytime i see a cloud in the sky

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    I had to Google Billy Bowlegs festival to find out what you were talking about. It would sure help if people would put their location in their profile so we would know what you are talking about.
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    You've never heard of Billy Bowlegs?

    It is a rather infamous (if fictional) incident from Florida history. I read about it years ago. Fort Walton Beach, right?
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    I have been interested in Native American history my entire life. BUT, it was after I moved to Fl. that I ever heard about the chief, Billy Bowlegs. Not a fictional character , but true.
    There are just so many historical Native Americans to ever know all of them. Bowlegs lived the younger for part of his life in the area not far from where I live, now.