BIMOTO DRIVE - Can it be modified?

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    This thing cought my attention, and seems to be the best solution for my needs.

    I need a kit mounted on light , quality MTB, to ride it on mountain single tracks with climbing capability limited only to my technical skills, utilizing full engine torque at lowest speeds, (climbing 30% + inclines, rough terrain) and also cruising well and smooth on paved roads to get me to those tracks!

    No GEBE, friction kit or Staton will do (with exeption of Staton coupled to NuVinci) but Staton + Nuvinci behemot weighs more without engine, than Bimoto with Honda 25. Also Staton with Nuvinci has much more power loss due to friction and no total independent freewheeling capability costing about the same.

    The whole Bimoto kit with Honda 25cc engine weighs ONLY 6kG - 13.2 lb !!! according to their Ebay ad (see enclosed links)

    The only Bimoto's disadvantage the way I see it - that it is limited to Honda 25cm engine due to tilted mount, also the clutch needs to be modified to accomodate larger engines.

    CAN Bemoto be MODIFIED to use with Subaru 35 or any other engine using 76mm clutch ??

    1. Bracket -to mount the engine flat not at angle, that should be not very difficult.

    2. Bell and clutch housing adapted to 76mm clutch larger than 25cc engines use, thats not so easy if possible.

    3. ????

    This THING uses Honda GX25 engine.

    Due to use of crank with 2 freewhels 100% independent of each other and efficiency of regular derarileur, I believe Bimoto beats Statton, Jack Shaft and Nuvinci behemots hands down as far as weight and most efficient power transfer is concerned.
    Gear reduction system(12:1) is light and compact, rated 6000 hrs weight about 4.2 lb with bell and clutch housing.

    The whole kit with Honda 25 engine is lighter than Statton coupled to NuVinci WITHOUT engine and price is comparable.

    The only reason I am thinking about the mod is that I have 2 engines already (Subaru Robin and 2 stroke 52cc Honda clone). Otherwise I would buy it the way it is, it has enough power and speed for my needs (28 mph unassisted, 30+ with moderate assist) at amazing fuel efficiency 1 liter of gas per 100 km
    equals 235 MPG !

    I just build my 1st MB using BMP kit just to get my feet wet, thanks Porkchop and others for your help and advice!

    Thanks for your thoughts, and input guys.

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    JMO, you can make your own for less than the kit's $995 price tag.:whistling:

    :idea:Buy the Scooterguy's chainring/freewheel, chain, 5:1 gear reduction box and 20t sprocket. Then fab have your mount fabbed for your engine. You should be able to do it for less than $400.

    :idea:Or buy the entire Scooterguy kit for $250 and mount your engine midframe.
  3. andyszyd

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    Thanks for the tip, I am going to check it up.

    By the way the links I posted (my original post) are in English even they come from foreign sites. There are picture of 2 wheeled crank, picture of 12:1 gearbox and more technicala data of Bimoto drive.
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    I wanted to bump this thread and see what you've discovered. I too have an extra Robin engine...its killing me to have it just sitting in the box. That engine needs a bike!
    I liked the Bimoto approach, but hate the cost. I'll look at the Scooterguy set up . Have you done anything yet?
  5. andyszyd

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    No I have not, I need this setup for mountain off road tracks, I concluded shift kit with fast spinning chain close to riders leg is too dangerous for my application.

    I have another idea now: CVT tranny coupled to 3 speed I-motion internal hub. Requires double freewheled hub and some custom mounts. But can be directly hooked up to your left side of the wheel whith relatively simple mount.

    There is a guy in Pensacola Fl who has quite a few accomplishments with MB including CVT builds.
  6. Porkchop

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    Andy, you be the guiena pig ! If you figure out a good way to mount this CVT and make it work with the BMP kits that we have, let us know. I like the look and idea of it !
  7. mlcorson

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    I have to admit, I learn best by visuals. I'd like to see what you're talking about.
    Any pictures?
  8. andyszyd

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    There are 2 guys I know of , who recently built CVT powered bikes succesfully:

    Nuttsy in Clearwater Fl and NEAT TIMES in Pensacola Fl.

    This particular CVT tranny (link in my previous post above) has clutch bell and probably can be mounted directly on BMP drive U bracket, just by drilling some holes in the bracket, but I want to keep my BMP kit as roller drive. This particular CVT is relatively inexpensive, around $60. Great potential for MB.

    Why bother with shiftkits, EZM drives and others mostly one speed drives?

    After all all mopeds, scooters, and now some cars are being powered by CVT.

    CVT will likely outlast your bike and your engine , if you have HT engine CVT will probably outlast several of them. Belt is cheap and easy replaceble.

    The fellow in Pensacola is probably the most innovative and succesful guy in MB at present time.

    So Charlie there is no need for me to be guinea pig.

    I am sure those guys mentioned above will share their experience with others.
  9. Happy Valley

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    CVT with the right application could be a very good future for MBs.
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  10. mlcorson

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    Yes, I'd like to hear from them. Any links, pictures, etc?
  11. andyszyd

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    I do not have pictures, haven't build CVT yet.

    Email NUTTSY, he just build one.
  12. SimpleSimon

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    I believe Large Filipino, a long time member here, has a CVT equipped front wheel drive Worksman trike, running a Titan engine.