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  1. Jesus said the end was like unto birth paing of a woman about to deliver a baby....having had 4 children and one miscariage I think I am an authority on this subject flame me if I am wrong. Three of my wife's 5 pregnancies (In less than 6 years) went textbook my son was the exception man I lost all my vacation time and sick time because I didn't trust the dispatchers to tell me she was in labor. False labor is very frustrating...IMO we are not in false labor estimation is the birth pains are 30 minutes apart when they get 15 minutes apart it's time to head for the hospital.

    Here's my list of wakeup call events:

    1. Monsanto geen-arses
    2. Volcano shutting down airports
    3. Massive earthquakes close together
    4. In the last days there will be a huge increase in knowledge
    5. Almost a Billion people are starving

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    Well I agree, wasn't there something about an increase in travel too? But, this topic may be off limits.
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    George, your 5 wake up calls are just a few drops in the bucket. There are many signs out there. Not being sarcastic. I'm in agreement with you.
    Jesus......don't leave earth without Him !

    Wonder where Madeline and Anton are now ?
    And where's Charlie Manson headed ?
    You think ?
    They may end up in His kingdom. We can't say. We're not the judge !
    Is it a sin to speculate though ?
    I'm not a Bible scholar, but I am a firm believer.
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  4. I ponder those things myself...IMO there are 2 different types of judgement...I'm gonna repay your wrong and I need to judge what is right and wrong as an example to live by also on how I need to live and support causes in the world.

    I Corinthians 2: 15
    But he that is spiritual judgeth all things, yet he himself is judged of no man.

    It's God's job to make folks live right.
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