Bit of a brain teaser, or not.

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    So I am almost finished with my latest build (only a few weeks of tinkering to go!) and was wondering..

    I have trued the crank, removed the flywheel runout in the same manner as Fred.
    I have matched the transfer ports in the same manner as Fred.
    Purchased Fred's 7.0cc Head.
    (I think I have a man crush on Fred looking at all these mods..)
    Replaced all the rubbish Chinese bearings, bolts etc.
    Removed all the internal casting defects on ports and Cylinder Sleeve.

    I have a Jaguar CDI to go on but was wondering should I run in with the Chinese CDI then swap it out and get the timing curve right for the bedded engine or start with the Jag?

    Will it matter if I don't get the timing curve right from the word go (as the Chinese one is to advanced anyways) and is there any real issues switching between CDIs on a bedded engine?

    For the giggles of the question (bonus points for answering it but not something I am likely to ever do) is it an issue if the CDI or timing curves were changed mid run in?

    I have a feeling all my noobness has all just flowed into this post.
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