Bit of a tough day

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Ryan H, May 4, 2013.

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    Well it's been a rough day today. I took my [SUB][/SUB]motor bike for a spin around quincy today, a car clipped my rear tire and spun me up a bit knocked my chain off and yanked two of my spokes out of the rim, I carried the bike back to my boat, took the rear wheel off, found no dents or warps or any issue other than the pulled spokes and went below to call my wife, tell her what happened and ask her where the heck she put my bank card ( in her pocket of course). When I got back to the bike someone had made off with the back wheel. Just the wheel, the coaster hub bearings and everything else were still sitting right on the work table at the Marina yard so now I'm missing a rim plus the rear sprocket and mounting hardware. So my first question is why the #$*@ would someone take a steel 26" rim without a hub that's rigged for a motor bicycle? And secondly anyone know where I can get a dark blue steel rim with heavy duty spokes and beach cruiser style Whitewall tires? Also, do the aftermarket sprockets come with new mounting hardware or am I S.O.L ?

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    Evidently he wanted the wheel more than you did, can't say why. Sounds like you had a come to Jesus moment, glad your ok. Only place I know of to get a rim that you want is from a vendor and start from scratch. 99% of bikes don't have HD spoked wheels.
  3. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member has the sprocket install kit for $13
    livefastmotors has both sprocket and mounting kit
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    Here in Oak Ridge Tennessee we've got about as many police as we do citizens. It feels good to leave something in your yard go inside for awhile and what you left outside is still there when you come back out.