Bizarre MB Crash Nightmares

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by jared3377, Jun 12, 2008.

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    I'm sure that we all have dreams about MBing, but anyone have the scarier crash dreams...? :confused:

    Lately I've had some bizarre crash nightmares that I wake up, wondering "What the heck was that?!?" I look at them as warnings to ride safe, I guess, and don't take too much stock in dreams telling the future or any kinda that nonsense. Here's a couple of my latest crash dreams:

    1. Can't remember all of the dream, but at the end I crashed head-on into something and awoke in a half-pushup position just staring at my wrinkled sheets and trying to shake it off. :shock:

    2. Last night I dreamt that I ran into something and the front tire split open right down the middle. In the dream I remember sitting on the curb looking at the tire and it's insides. It was strange in that it was connected to the rim and was tubeless. :shock:

    Strange, huh...? Anyone else experience dreams like these or have any weird dream stories to report? :cool:

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    Now I've been jinxed. I will probably have nightmares too now. I will have to remember to drive very careful and really watch out for the other guy. I know I needed to do this anyway but now I'm even more sure.
  4. jared3377

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    Oh, no! I didn't wanna jinx anyone! :shock:

    Like I said--I use them as a reminder to be VERY careful out there on the road. My best tactic is to pretend that I'm *invisible* and never trust any car at an intersection. I instantly slow down (even when I'm on the through-street) and try to make eye-contact with the driver, but even that's not a sure thing, ya know... :cool:
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    :grin: I'm not really jinxed... just sorta feel that way 'cause I'm bad about bad dreams. The power of suggestion is strong with me. I know to be careful in the up most degree. I've heard some people say that when you ride a mb it's like having a target painted on you and everyone is going for the bull's eye! We should all be as careful as possible out there because people just don't see and now with cell phones and all, they really don't see.
  6. Yea this is why I ride like 10 to 15 mph on the roads. I'm always looking out for that cell phone warrior or that day care Mom late for work lady or that Teenage just got their car must get out to show off to my friends what's a side view mirror person let's swing our door wide open.
    This is also why I will continue to use the bike trails for it keeps me safe.
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    Interesting topic. I haven't had any MBing dreams yet. I don't think your dreams predict the future but I do think they represent your inner fears. Sort of your subconsious mind telling you you you're doing something very dangerous and to be ready for anything. I hope your dreams don't come true.