Stolen Black Beach Cruiser (and tools) from Berkeley Bay Area CA

Discussion in 'Stolen Bicycles & Security' started by BlueDestiny, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. BlueDestiny

    BlueDestiny New Member

    Someone made off with my nearly-finished bike this morning along with most of my tools and spare parts. Bike is pictured here:
    The strange thing is it wasn't running and can't be pedaled. I guess they just carried all 60 pounds out the door, ignoring the much more valuable and smaller electronics and such around the building.

  2. ickda

    ickda New Member

    If I was into home invasion I would do the same, balls of steal tho
  3. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

    You would break into someones home and steal from them?
    Sounds like you approve of such scum bag low lives......

    Where do you live?
  4. ickda

    ickda New Member

    Did you read that post with blinders on?
    I sad if I was into, IF I WAS INTO, IF I WAS INTO
    The guy was talking about how he thought it was strange that they stole that and the tool and nothing els
  5. troyg

    troyg Member

    Don't sweat it, there are many on this and forums in general that take everything literally, not even considering the fact that americans like to joke around.Lack of sense of humor is rampant on internet forums.I fully understood you meant "nice bike".
  6. ickda

    ickda New Member

    Yah true, I just hope the guy can get it back
  7. BlueDestiny

    BlueDestiny New Member

    I sort of doubt the bike will be whole once the thief realizes it doesn't run. They'll probably strip it clean and sell the parts online or something. I'll keep an eye out on craigslist and the used bike stores in town though.
  8. ickda

    ickda New Member

    that sucks balls, do you have the number on the bike? the one between the petals?

    If so that might make your life easyer
  9. Zen builder

    Zen builder Member

    Homeowners insurance ?
  10. bikejock

    bikejock Member

    I live in the bay, not to far from Berkeley actually. I'll let you know if I ever see it. That's a shame tho, nice looking bike. I had a cruiser stolen from me once (no motor on it thankfully) I got it as a gift from my dad but it was a cheaply made Colombia bike so jokes on them cause they stole a cheap bike lol. They clipped the lock when I was in high school. After that I never got a cable lock again.
  11. BlueDestiny

    BlueDestiny New Member

    No insurance or serial number, I was planning on getting those after I got it running. Luckily I didn't pay more than about 380 bucks total for the bike and engine (tools and extra parts not included) so it wasn't a huge loss. I'm starting on a new bike now and I'll definitely keep it double u-locked with a sturdy chain at all times.
  12. bikejock

    bikejock Member

    That's good. I use a heavy duty New York chain lock for my chain lock from kryptonite and a u lock of the same brand. I lock the frame and tire to a sturdy bike locking area and u lock the rear wheel to the frame. The kryptonite chain lock feels so strong it would take more than a set of bolt cutters to get through it and a fair amount of time before they can try to take my bike. The kryptonite New York lock is about $100 and farly heavy but its worth it (better safe than sorry)

    The thing with u locks is if you use them to lock the frame thieves can just use something to pry them apart but if they have little space when its locked up it makes it harder to pry apart. like how I use a u lock makes it harder to pry apart the u lock and secures my rear wheel to. Good luck with your new build and happy new year.
  13. darwin

    darwin Well-Known Member

    Sorry for your loss Blue, really sucks. Did someone you know like the bike a lot, aka inside job? Seems fishy they broke in and that's all they took.