Black Beauty lol

Well figured I'd show off my father's new toy. (Every since I got my motor bike going he wanted one) So here she is, a Schwinn OCC Chopper with a Chinese 80CC motor, the mounts on this bike came from Barry over in Ohio as well as the "loud pipes save lives" exhaust pipe. The rear sprocket is the sprocket adapter from Live Fast (the 36 hole sprocket that is) seat is a Brooks Saddle with a seat post from Bikeworld USA lol The tank isn't officially mounted as of yet, but it works


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nice lookin' ride dude, lucky dad :D
nice choice on parts
I like barry's mount a lot more than livefast's
his pipes are nice too (I know what you mean by loud though, when azvinnie uses his, I can't hear MY engine LOL)
lol yeah Barry's mount is pretty nice, I like how they have a lot of adjustment for the chain and such, and oh yeah those pipes are loud, my dad does have the pipe from Live Fast, but **** I like that one over that lol
those motor mounts are real nice, cause when you pull the engine out, it has it's own little stand(easy to work on).the thunder pipes are loud as h*ll, your right, they do save lives!
you've done a great job on that bike, apes are nice looking....... nice build