Black Bomber 2 speed auto 4 stroke

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by FireBellyCycles, Jun 9, 2010.

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  2. robin bird

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    Why not post some up close photos -we cant tell what you have--especially if we want to purchase one. The firebelly link wont work either !
  3. vegaspaddy

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    links worked just fine for me,

    crazy bike there FBC some mighty big pullies if i say so myself, and i love the brooks saddle i am in the process of putting them on all my rides.... $$$$ up front but once you sit on a brookie nothing comes close !!!!!!!
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  4. Thanks Guys.

    Will post some close ups soon!

    V'paddy I use'm on all my rides too; there the best! Oh and yeah, it is crazy, think that's one of the things I like so much about it!
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  5. danlez

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    I cannot open these links either!!
    is that browser bugs?
  6. GearNut

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    The FireBellyCycles link is a dud for me too.
  7. Hey thanks Guys! I'll have to find out why that is. I'm no tech guy so I'll have to defer to my wife who'll also be updating the site hopefully this wknd.


    Is it just the FireBelly link or all of them? if it's more than the FBC it might be something else.

    Anyway, sorry for the difficulty, it is frustrating. We'll get on it!

    Thanks for looking (or trying) Cheers! Evan
  8. Link didn't have www in it and some browsers require that still. Should work now!

    Thanks Again! Evan
  9. GearNut

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    Nope, It's still uncooperating.
    Naughty link! Go to you room! :D
  10. Well, don't know what to say about the link website is the link works on Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari so far as we've checked it may be due to security settings or something on individual computers.

    We are updating right now and more tomorrow.

    Just got back from a ride to the store I just love the reliability; don't feel like I've gotta carry tools (even on longer rides). Just a safety check (for loose stuff) now and again and it just goes. 'Nother plus is that these motors don't vibrate very much so've not experienced stuff vibrating loose.

    Also this bike has not reached it's full potential because I can only wind it out going down hill. It has scooter like acceleration on the bottom and is good up top w/ flatland speeds of 35-40. A little more reduction will serve it well!

    Have a few more tricks to get more outta the motor too!

    Cheers! Evan
  11. datsun610

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    link works for me do thay hace a 2 speed for the 2 strokes
  12. No 2 smoke stuff avail right now but I've seen some 2 strokes that look promising!

  13. Some close ups I took when I was messing w/ the ratios a bit. Keep in mind this was the 1st one I made so there're some rough edges.

    Also rough around the edges is this vid recorded by my nephew. EarPlugs recommended!

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  14. wheelbender6

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    That system is a real attention getter and I bet it's fast. Looks like a great mill for a stretch frame bike.
  15. Thanks man! Got one goin' in a cruiser soon.