Black Cherry Stretch Dyno

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  1. Here's bike I just finished today...
    It's a Dyno Roadster with a 'black cherry' paint job. I did all my usual tricks to it including a VMB engine mount & VMB front disc brake. I had to get creative and custom weld a double sided chain tensioner for the chain to properly clear the frame.

    I hope you guys like it!

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  2. RedBaronX

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    I'm going to assume that the photos aren't doing the paint justice... what does it look like, iridescent? candy? or just really really really really dark red?
  3. Fulltimer

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  4. chainmaker

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    BOING I love that bike!!! I love the stretches..they are just so expensive to ship to the east coast. Haven't found anyone that sells them on this side of the world without a crazy mark-up. Nice work Norm !!!
  5. super dave

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    yes another cool ride from VMB i am waiting to see another full custom from you !
  6. motorpsycho

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    super cool bike! a nice clean build and excellent paint.
    but, you should consider getting rid of the stock gas tank, and go with something more custom that wraps around the frame and stretches down closer to the seat. That stock tank looks like a top hat sitting on top of the frame, and it kind of takes away from the sleek lines of the bike.
    it is a cool bike, i just don;t like the stock gas tank on that frame.
  7. Fulltimer

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    Or fill in the area between the 2 pipes with a gas tank.:tt1:

  8. I hear you guys on the tank... but thats what the customer wanted!

    To RedBarronX... The paint is black with cherry red metal flake that really shows in the sun!
  9. motorpsycho

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    well then, if it's a customers bike, then you have to do what he asks you to do.
    nothing wring with that at all, and you have to make the customer happy.
    BUT if it were my bike, that tank would be long gone and replaced with something that goes more with the rest of the bike.
  10. Fulltimer

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    I agree. The bike is sleek looking but the tank is kind of boxy or something. It needs to be streamlined. I have been kind of looking for one of those bikes. I just missed 1 for $200.00!:veryangry:

  11. Animal454

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    I have this exact bike. I am stuck on the peddle side chain tensioner. Is there somewhere that I can buy that tensioner???

    Killer bike. Nice build.
    I have been to your site. You have built some very nice rides.
  12. xxSLiMxx

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    Can you please take a few more pictures of your motor mounts? Im planning on bulding something just like this but before i build i wanna make sure i have evey step planed out (more or less) Thanks!!.