Black gas tank w/out cap...

Title says it all. Received this item in a mishap awhile back and never got around to getting rid of it.

There is no cap for the top, and there are no nuts or other mounting brackets... just the tank itself.

I think gas tanks are supposed to be expensive, so I'm asking $25 shipped, since shipping is gonna be $5 itself.

Any takers?
Well... offers will be considered for what I have available.

No cap, no mounting accessories, and what I'm assuming is what you guys call the petcock. Just the half gallon tank itself.
Mmm... $20 shipped seems more fair. Shipping is what ruins it for me.

And yes, no dents, dings, or scratches...
it'll be a min, because i've gotta get my mom to "downgrade" the account from premier to personal.

with premier, they take a pretty good chunk of money out of it.

i don't understand paypal one bit, but i know they give you the shaft in the rear.