Exhaust Black goo from exhaust?



My engine is running fine, but sometimes when i park it, i'll come back and the exhaust pipe has dripped some black goo. Anyone know what this can be? How can I remedy this...or, is this normal?
All part of a 2 stroke. If it is new and you are running a rich oil to gas mixture as I am more oil gets unburned and exits the exhaust. My drips too, and spits out on my shoe at high speed. Might go away as engine breaks in and oild mixture is lessened. Other member will have to answer that....
I like the black stuff cause it tells me my engine is well lubricated. To get rid of that is to chance that your engine is not getting enough.
You can see where I park my bike at the local Lowes,the library,the supermarket,the mall....it's like when MOOP is marking his territory.