Black-Hat Alert! Revolution Cycles



Bryan Semones, you are permanently banned at MBc.

my next move, if pushed, will be to use my personal web-space to
publish your obscene & threatening e-mails to the MBc staff.

please note the red-highlighted area in my email to don grube...this is staying right here, buddy!! in fairness, i did publish his letter in entirety.

From: "Augie D." <>
To: <>
Subject: brian semones of arizona
Date: Mon, 28 May 2007 07:06:53 -0800

dear don,

my name is augidog & i administrate a forum for builders & riders of motor assisted bicycles. many of our 300 members are using your products and seem quite happy about it.

we are an open forum, in that all riders of all methods of mechanical assistance are welcome, as well as all suppliers of kits and accessories. because we want to attract all ages, we have a strict set of rules and content policies in place, as well as rules on vendor conduct
one fellow who has been harrasing our members and constantly trying to circumvent my security is brian semones of (revolution cycles llc) his language and behaviors are unacceptable, he openly attacks our members and staff. instead of telling us how good the grubee products are, he prefers to tell us why other sellers and engines don't deserve our business. if his plan is to lose sales, he's doing a fine job of it.

and, he's been doing it in the grubee name.

let's be clear, we're consumers who want or need motoredbikes for a variety of reasons. we want affordable and reliable products, and we don't care who likes who inside the chinese engine industry.

so i wanted to ask you if brian's behavior is the "grubee way" you encourage or accept such tactics?

this message, along with your response, or lack of, will be published on my forum for our 300+ members and 400-600 visitors/day to read.


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From: Don Grube
Cc: ;
Sent: Monday, May 28, 2007 9:06 AM
Subject: [SPAM] RE: brian semones of arizona

Dear Augie D;

Confirmed; We also have written to Mr. Semones dba:/ Revolution recently about his vocal and unprofessional written conduct in making actuations and slurs without fact.

Our belief is Honey attracts more flies than Vinegar! I trust you run your chat forum the same way?

Bryan seems to think he is our official spokesman which is not true. He is not one of our direct WD accounts but does buy from one as a dealer, Barsanco our WD in Detroit.

We have asked him to remove our grubee inc name and reference from his web site chat postings unless he is selling our products as a dealer via WD and has something good to say. Your e-mail was timely; Thank you. It is not our policy to belittle others or to offend. Unfortunately; we have little control over what a dealer may say.

The only folks in the business who we might offend are those whom we report to EPA as smuggling 2 cycle engines in from China as service replacement unassembled parts and then assemble into complete engine kits now selling on Ebay. This is against the EPA law as of Jan 1 2006 to sell an uncertified emmission engine obtained after the Jan 06 deadline. Our position in China as China GAS export allows to know quite readily who is doing it. China GAS stopped exporting 2 cycle engine kits in Nov. 2005 and abides by US`law. There is little control of those in Canada who ship to the US in small qtys.

FYI: I might add that Bryan has given us great assistance in analyzing some noise problems we had with an early shipment of 60 4 cycle engine kits for Honda GXH50 engines that went out in Oct. last year. We have addressed these problems and corrected the mistakes in present production which we are truly grateful for his assistance. In his own way he can be a nice fellow and very intellengent but does need some professional polish in my opinion. I guess no one is born perfect and can be conditioned by hardships.

Bryan's 4 cycle gear box complaints were found justified and we have agreed to replace all 60 gear boxes to those who bought them. The problem was caused by the factory's failure to machine on CNC equipment and hold tolerances. Replacements will be available at Barsanco in about 30 days. Barsanco wants them shipped in a consolidated container load which was held up by others and beyond our control or they would have been shipped sooner.

Best regards;

Don Grube pres. GruBee / China GAS &

CC; Bryan Semones; Repeat: Please Please clean up your act. Others now report distress also.
it seems there might have been some mistaken identity going on here...i've re-posted this & deleted the other topic.
To those of you who try to get a free replacement GB from the supplier below. It'd be a waste of time. He'll not only charge you the shipping charge but add another $100 onto that. Don Grubee did his best to try to get the supplier to give me the free replacement but it didn't work out.

Subject: CNC Machined Gearbox
Date: Fri, 10 Aug 2007 07:23:52 -0500
>On 1/20/07 I purchased a Skyhawk Stage 2 gearbox from one of your
>dealers. I never was able to get the gearbox to quiet down. I heard
>recently that you were offering a free replacement for customers who
>purchased the noisy gearbox. I was wondering and would appreciate it if
>you could give me more information on how to get a CNC machined
>replacement for my noisy gearbox. Thank you.

On Fri, 10 Aug 2007 21:51:20 -0500 "Don Grube" <> writes:
Dear sir;


Best Regards;

Don Grube GruBee/China GAS

Dear Mr. Grube
Thank you for the reply. It is appreciated. I did contact my dealer (Bryan Semones of Revolution Cycles LLC) about my extremely noisy gearbox. His first reply was that I may qualify for a free replacement depending on what price I paid for my gearbox. Why this would make any difference I don't know. When I replied with the purchase price I was told he would replace the gearbox for $116.00. I then asked him for a PayPal invoice and received an invoice for $139.00. I received no reply when I inquired about the price difference from the original quote and because I was very anxious to get the replacement gearbox that is supposed to be much quieter than the one I had I paid him the amount he requested.
This is when I emailed you for more information concerning the replacement CNC machined gearbox. I have sent your reply email to Mr. Semones and have not received a reply. I am hoping he will reply to my email and refund my payment and get me the free replacement but I am beginning to doubt his loyalty to his customers. I hope I'm wrong.
Thanks again for your reply to my email.
Hello Henry;


Best Regards;


Hello Mr. Grube
This is the reply that I received from Mr. Semones. It seems like a hopeless cause. I do appreciate your trying to help.

On 8/11/07,
Hello Mr. Semones
Below is a recent reply from Don Grube regarding the noisy gearbox replacement program. I don't understand why you are charging me $139.00 for a replacement which according to Mr. Grube is supposed to cost nothing more than the cost of shipping?
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 00:23:45 -0700
Subject: Re: Fw: Re: Gearbox repl. program

I know Don has been forwarding them to me. I had to add cost o the GB because at the price you paid it actually cost me $40 to send you that GB ... I lost money made no profit and im $8k in debt because Don Grbe used me as a gunny pig for his new product.... I just shelled out another $500 to ave the replacements shipped to me .... i cat keep paying to work ... im sure you can understand If you had paid the full $266 retail price then you would get free GB It is going to cost me $40 to mail your replacement ... I live in a caravan just to keep my business from folding after being grubeed....

Bryan Revolution cycles

From: "Don Grube" <>
Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2007 00:16:03 -0500
Subject: FW: Re: Gearbox repl. program

Dear Mr Semones;


Best Regards;

DonGrube China GAS

So it looks like Bryan Semones is making $100 on each of the gearboxes that are supposed to be free replacements to his customers.
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Dose this dude sale on ebay?
I dont want to buy off of this seller but was thinking is this the one I got my motor from
I got me the starfire 70cc kit.
Yes he does sell on ebay... I almost bought something from him too but I was warned and decided not to do business with this guy. I advise you to do the same. Good Luck!
Yes he does sell on ebay... I almost bought something from him too but I was warned and decided not to do business with this guy. I advise you to do the same. Good Luck!

I hope this is not from the same dude in AZ is it
I have seen two AZ sellers regularly on ebay. One of them is livefast. This guy is A-OK in my book. the other is the person referenced in this thread.
No I am not Revolution Cycles. He has been banned form this forum for all eternity. I simply happen to live in the same town. Watch out for that guy. He will act like he's willing to help you out but then will turn into a total A-hole once he has your money. I have heard about this again and again from other people on this forum. Fortunately, I was warned by another member before I actually gave this loser any of my money. As mentioned, I have done business with livefast motors out of Scottsdale and that guy is great to deal with. Just be wary of the other ebay seller from Tucson, AZ.