Stolen black occ chopper with sidecar stollen in stanford/ bay area please help

Discussion in 'Stolen Bicycles & Security' started by joey d, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. joey d

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    About 6 months ago some one stole my 2stroke 80cc occ hopper with a home made side car. It is black with a black and gold wooden box metal frame sidecar. I extended the front forks on the bike by welding on some chrome pipe. The sidecar attaches to the motorbike with u-bolts. The exhaust is made of box steel and the bike has a leather barrel type tool bag strapped to the front forks.

    It is one of a kind. I miss it very much.
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  2. joey d

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    here is a picture

  3. Mountainman

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    can't believe the cops have not found that THING yet

    like man as you say it's one of a kind

    have you went and looked through the piles of bikes at the cop shop ??

    may not now have the side car on it

    this is yet another good reason to put the Ca license plate on our bikes
    not saying that you did not have one
    some thiefs will not touch someTHING with an offical plate attached

  4. joey d

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    I have serched everywhere

    The police say they don't have it. looked in there impound yard. I figured some one would have seen my bike. It isn't like it blends in. Everywhere I drove it It attracted attention from police and everyone else. Thanks keep an eye out:detective:
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    That was a great ride. So sorry for your loss :(
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    Thanks I spent so much time on it and had a great time with it

    I miss it. I was about to mount a propane flame thrower(poofer) on the side car. but it got stolen first. but here is some more pics. It was real nice with the removable side car. the wors part is You know who ever stole it doesn't appreciate the amount of work it takes to build something like this. and they are probably just letting it sit out side in the rain rusting and rotting

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    joey d, Sorry man I know how you feel. That's a cool looking bike and only if it could talk. I'm out and about running all over the place Sunnyvale, Palo Alto, I'll keep a eye out! :detective:
    Good Luck To You!

    ... Jim

    prob.. in EPA
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  9. Wheres my dog

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    I do hope you find your bike...

    One question though, how does the side car balance on there with someone in it?
  10. joey d

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    The bike is mounted rigid to the side car so the bike is always perpendicular to the ground so its a little strange to get use to. If the side car wheel hits a hole the bike leans right and if the side car wheel hits a bump the bike leans left. the neat thing is if you turn really hard right you can lift the sidecar off the ground. If you turn hard left you can slide the bike out. You just have to be careful not to taco the rim. It was lots of fun and always turned heads I don't know how know one has seen it. I pretty much have given up on getting it back.