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Whizzer 58

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Jan 26, 2008
Howell, Mi.

I just got back from a 22 mile ride and i checked the new sparkplug and it's solid black with carbon and so is the exhaust..
The bike runs fine, it has 286 miles on it now, should I change the needle setting or find a smaller main jet for the carb?....regards, Ed

all I see is a letter C on the outside vertical throttle shaft (if that's what it's called) no other numbers or letters on the outside of the carb.

Do I have to take the carb apart to see if there are numbers inside?..Ed
Hi Ed,
Sounds like a WC-1 carburetor. Is the camshaft advanced one tooth [CCW]? Lower the needle one notch [raise clip], but be very careful not to lose the clip in the process. The main jet can also be reduced in size if the motor is mostly stock. You can reduce the lifter clearance a little to help the motor breathe a little better. Set the exhaust lifter to .009" and the intake to .007" on the WC-1 motor [1999 to 2004], and .008" exhaust , .006" intake on the NE or SE motor.
Have fun,
Think I found the problem

I removed the air filter cover an found the filter saturated with oil, I mean loaded with oil..... I'm suprised this bike ran as good as it did with a compleatly clogged filter....Now what's the best way to fix this problem..thanks.....Ed
You need the upgraded Compression Release Cover Plate w/ Air Release Tube for NE5. I know you have a WC-1 but this will fit and solve your problem. The new cover has a large breather hose that vents to the air not the air cleaner. You will also need to plug the old vent tube. I included a picture with a yellow circle to show you what I mean. You may be able to get the cover w/ breather from Quenton or MotorbikeMike or Bill Green. If they don't have it the WhizzerUSA web site does. And make sure you are using 40wt oil only. No multi-grade stuff. Once you have about 500 miles the oil should be a little less likely come out the breather.
Good luck



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oil under control

I rerouted the oil vent tube under the gas tank and made it longer, I don't have an oil issue like before. I also installed a new air filter and thanks for asking......regards Ed.