Black Widow Build.

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  1. alfredart

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    Hey guys. I'm new here and to Motorized bikes as well. A year ago I got a wild hair and thought I'd build one. One year later and I'm still working on it. But... I'm almost there or I can at least see the light at the end of the tunnel. I've still got some parts to get and some tweaking to do but it's close. Here's what she looks like at the moment. I started with a JC Higgins frame (early 50's) and put this together one piece at a time. Being an artist I kinda got carried away with it and the funding for the project is from my art sales... one reason it's taken a year to get this far.

    Allot of custom work... and making things fit. :rolleyes7:

    bikechains.jpg bikeside.jpg Bikefront.jpg bikeback.jpg
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  2. wheelbender6

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    You have a nice bagger there.
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  3. Sgt. Howard

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    I see a lot of bikes called the "Black Widow", and most of them look... boring... but THAT one has me wanting to brush something off my shoulder! THAT one truly IS a "Black Widow"- Wish I had found an old JC Higgens to work with- had one as a child, it would have worked beautifully.
    You MIGHT want to consider a set of pre-WWI HD style "Straddle Tanks", where you have TWO tanks that mate over the top bar and strap under the lower bar- seperate valves, one goes empty you switch to the other... just a thought, seeings as you can weld.
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  4. LR Jerry

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    Most artist are never appreciated until after they're dead. Great build.
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  5. Sgt. Howard

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    Here's what I mean- whatcha think?

    Attached Files:

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  6. alfredart

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    Thanks all for the comments.
    Sgt. I ended up going with this tank so I could sculpt it... Used a 1 gal tank.

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  7. Samdallas214

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    Love the tank and wow the NB looks good to
    but the tank is my favorite
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  8. Sgt. Howard

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    Dude! Awsome sculpt work there! Is that welded?
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  9. alfredart

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    Hey Sarge. The tank was made from a plastic serving spoon and plastic coat hangers. I cut and glued them to the top of the tank. Once done I covered with Epoxy Paste and sanded. Then I went back in an added joints and more details with Epoxy Putty. Primed and glazed over any pot marks etc. I then painted the the tank flat black. After that I highlighted the spider with gloss black to give the effect of shadows and then added the gloss red to look like it was laying in a pool of blood. Also on the frame I added cobwebs made from steel wire and JB weld. Yes, most of this was done on the dinning room table. Wife wasn't real happy. LOL

    531899_4603690862146_86122810_n.jpg 65090_4618392789685_1044586034_n.jpg 18829_4634431870652_690094386_n.jpg 14624_4663689322070_429068430_n.jpg 207626_4745159518774_1523547155_n.jpg 582335_4749736833204_1786861648_n.jpg 538480_4753594169635_597000650_n.jpg 251263_4285563149152_1093389017_n.jpg
  10. IbedaYank

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    you may be new but do know how to build a nice bike.
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  11. alfredart

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    Thanks. It's been a trial for me over the past year. Keep having to redo my work to make things fit. Pretty well have everything in order now... I think. Still have to get turn signals for the front and make a wiring harness for it. Get my chain guards painted and a new intake setup, get my lic plate mounts on etc.... I want the air filter to face forward. But it's getting there. I'll try and fire it up next week and then finish it up.
  12. Sgt. Howard

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    I should like to see how you do turn signals- I have some experiance in the matter but I want to see your approach.
  13. alfredart

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    Well, it took a few tries but I got her running today. Runs pretty good but I've got some fine tuning to do on her. Now that she's running I'm going to go back in and finish the build. Main thing today was to make sure she ran.
  14. Barry

    Barry Member

    Did you fabricate those cargo carriers yourself or buy them. If bought, where?
    Nice ride!
  15. alfredart

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    Barry, I picked them up off Ebay. They came off an '85 Honda.
  16. alfredart

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    Still playing around with this build. Almost there now. Still have a couple of things to pick up... like a breather. :rolleyes7: But... here's where she's at for the moment.
    DSCI0227.JPG bags.jpg DSCI0234.JPG DSCI0232.jpg DSCI0236.jpg
    Breather tube finished.
    Saddle bags detailed out.
    One of my chain guards finished and mounted.
    Got my turn signals mounted and made a piece to mount the front fender.
    Also took the Skyhawk sticker off the motor. I'll add something else.
    Got my horn mounted.
    Almost there... a couple of more things and I'm going to start the wiring. (fun)
  17. graucho

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    Fun build! Looks great. Makes one stop and stare for awhile.
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  18. alfredart

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    Thanks Graucho, I've still got a few things to do to this yet but I'm very close to being finished. You're right tho' there is allot to look at. I'll have allot of photos up when done.
  19. alfredart

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    Here's where she's at for the moment. Almost finished. Just a few more things to get and do..

    Added a rack between the bags... fills up the space nice. I've still got to order a breather for it and a couple of more things and then I'll be ready to get a battery and start the wiring.