Blackie Schwinn DelMar 60cc Speedster Kit

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  1. This has the 60CC Black Tagged Speedster Livefast Engine kit.
    I Upgraded the Delmars Fender rivets drilled out to 10/32 Machine screws with washers on both sides. Black Phosphated Sprocket and Grade 8 and 5 on some hardware and all 1/4" studs Bl phs too grade 5 ore 8 Studs. studs
    Did the Special Bend for the Expansion chamber. Painted my Emblem for this Build on it the 'Black Cat'
    I will be lacing the front rims to Sturmey Archer Drum with dynamo with 12 guage spokes, also will be using the same springer as the Cranbrook I have Posted here, Ill be Using the Tiger 70cc'er on them too (LiveFast). 'The Black Cat'.

    Boy this 60 has pl..eenty of power. Power starts are a luxery and all of my CJR Engines have. I really enjoyed this build. It handles the best out of all the bikes I've used. I think the tires are 2.25" wow I could put a passenger seat on one. HDPT
    Sale her

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  2. biken stins

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    Very nice.

    Did you build the front motor mount ?
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    It's a nice looking bike. there's just something about those cruisers.......classic looks.

    good job
  4. makes me regret getting my latest mtb when I should have got a cranbrook
  5. Yes I Build them out of left over Stainless (1/4") from the Waste water plant I was helping Fabricate (Built. New...of course HA HA That sounded nasty.. But yeah there solid and wont rust. Oh someone else used a 1 1/4" Saddled Exhaust Clamp and I assure you they are Mistaken it took a 1 1/2" (Front tube size). I dont feel that slight bar Vibration of some builds in this'en Imean its STURDY!!!. rubber tube(inner tube) all the way around on the Mounts Tand top of tube Rubberized shim and mid vib dampener even the Chain Guard is vibration proof.

    Oh this is the latest CranBrook I did.

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