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    The auto clutch that Whizzer used to sell ,made by Max Torque in Chicago is the clutch that I use .I have over 3,500 miles on it,and a lot of those miles were made running with the o.h.v. whizzers. The only change that I made was to change the 6 medium weight floating shoes to the heavy weight shoes. I also mounted it in a hanger so that it spring loads the belts.A picture of it can be seen on the thread( crankcase vent location) This clutch works so well that I bought 2 more for my other whizzers.I started out with manual clutch but soon grew tired of the squeeling belts and the constant adjustments Woodwhizzer

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    Heh, guess that's your intro. Well welcome to MBc, you already hit the bricks running, lol.