Blew a Seal??

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Idatiger, Jun 12, 2008.

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    I was out riding last night and all the sudden the engine, rather than making it's nice hum, starts making a loud "popping" noise with every stroke? I pulled over and took a look at it, and it seems to be coming from the actual engine, not the exhaust.
    It only happens when i'm pulling the throttle, not when i'm just coasting or put the clutch in and idle it.
    The bike still runs, and it got me home alright, but it sounds like ****.

    I'm not sure
    1. if it's bad to run the engine like this, and
    2. How to fix it/what broke.

    It's a dax 70 cc engine, fairly new (almost 2 gallons used but only a hundred miles), and I had started to be a little more free with open throttle.

    Tried calling Dax but his office is closed for a week.

    Any help/ideas??

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    Sounds like the exhaust gasket to me- take off the pipe and see. If that's it, buy or make a new one.

    As for the seal, if it's OK with him, hey, what two mammals want to do in private is none of my business, but don't go around bragging about it.
  3. If not the exhaust gasket, possible the head gasket. Look for oil where the head meets the cylinder. Mine leaked after only about 20 miles. I dont think the head was torqued down correctly.
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    I'm having the same problem with my bike. Also, when I have been riding mine for a while (more that about 7 minutes), and go to idle, the engine gets really loud, almost as if i am accelerating, and the bike starts vibrating like crazy. When i shut it off and then start it again, it runs fine, although still with the popping noise.

    This bike is my first real experience with any kind of engine/auto work, so I dont know much about it other than what i had to figure out on my own putting it together (I didn't find this site until after i put it together)., could someone explain to me what the exhaust gasket/head gasket are and where i need to look to check them?

    Thanks a bunch,
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    If you have a blown head gasket you wont have any compression (you'll be able to easily push the bike without pulling in clutch). A blown intake gasket will cause your motor to scream really fast like it's going to blow up. I've never blown an exhaust gasket, so I don't know what that does. I'm learning that checking gaskets at the first sign of a problem is always a good idea.
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    Popping noise on HT all of a sudden, might be loose head bolts.