Blew up my seat !!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by robin bird, Feb 8, 2010.

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    Today my brooks B66 which lasted for close to 30 years disintegrated--I was riding along and heard a loud pop and the seat lurched forward--luckily i was in town becaused it made 2 sharp prongs stick out-its not repairable-which i got some duct tape to wrap up. I bought a new specialized seat fat donkey model but it is only half the seat the other was. The Brooks feels like a glove once broken in.Glad i was not on a major trip--actually because of rain i cancelled an 80 mile ride today.

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    Lost my brooks years ago

    I had a hand built Butler racer and I still regret I let it go with a broken in Brooks Pro on it. I don't know how many miles I had put on it but it was perfect. It had the big shinny rivets on it and was a classic style. Now I just don't want to "brake in" another one, it justs to much work. I will say though that my current saddle on my touring bike (Cineli) felt good from day one but only lasted for about twenty five years before I had to replace it.

    The saddle I have on my motorbicycle is a no name mountain bike, but as I ride I find that I try to keep a part of my weight off the saddle so that the vibrations don't kill me. I keep my seatpost down about a quarter of an inch and my saddle pointed up just a bit, seems to accomplish this.

    Mike Frye
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    20 or thirty years sounds like some good seats! Robin Bird you were going to take the Morini 80 miles? Hows that thing doing? Got a Huffy Cruiser spring seat that's been nice don't thing it will last though. Starting to experiment with gel combinations. They glue together good with 3M Weather strip Adhesive. Had real good luck with them in the peddling days.
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    momentary good seat

    B.I.T.D. I used to sell Avocet gel saddles. They were grate for about two years but then the gel would shift and the saddle would become unusable. I would always recommend a good leather saddle over a gel one for that reason.

    One thing that you might try on a motorbicycle is to go with a good leather saddle and a suspension seat post. That option didn't work for me because my seatpost was too wide to accommodate the one I had. But for a more stock size I am sure that would work out. that way you get the good feel of the saddle with the dampening effect of the seatpost.

    Mike Frye the bike guy
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    Back in the peddling days I came up with a deal where I trimmed the seats sides, so the gel pads would not be too wide. I would cram two gel pads on there with the 3M . Usually went to cussing putting it together. I would get that **** all over me. It was only good for about maybe 2000 miles before that shifting started.

    This huffy spring seat got to say I have been impressed with the comfort. I will start looking into those. Never did use them till I came across it on a salvage motor build. I have a old all steel spring seat here I would love to reupholster.
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    2 bad

    R.I.P.MR BROOKS!!!that stinks,not the seat but the snappage,i got a 12 yr old b66 brooks for sale robin.40 bucks.rough but thick leather.
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    When I saw the thread title I thought it might have been because of riding a rig like this.
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    The Morini--iam waiting for a new rear hub which has the bearings gone so its out of commission right now also a new 19mm carb is coming with the 4 petal reed cage-Spring should be fun !! I have the Subaru-Robin which has the 35cc engine from Staton--i love it--i get lots of pedaling and can motor when i want.thats the one with the Brooks seat.
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    I was thinking that someone must have had broccoli and deviled eggs for lunch.