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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by mechcd, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. mechcd

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    Yesterday I went out to fill up my gallon gas can for a neighbor's snow blower. Half a can was left.

    For whatever reason, I brought it inside. Prolly didn't have my car keys on me to stick it in the trunk. 25F outside, about 68F inside. I've done this before in heated garages etc. No problem.

    No. The plastic can burst at the seam on the bottom, spilling half a gallon of two stroke mix onto my kitchen floor.

    I take a look at the label. Spillproof and CARB compliant. I guess that means its not vented. Thanks California. The label says I need to open the spout to vent prior to use.... nothing about storage. Maybe my definition of vented is different? I thought they were supposed to vent to air when an excess of pressure built up due to sitting in the sun or whatever. The old ones i used to have had a plug on the back that would pop out. It could be opened during pouring too.

    This guy:
    Their website says they are discontinued. I know for a fact my neighbor just bought the 5 gallon version two weeks ago. Looks unrelated

    Now, looking back, somebody else would say oh, thats a stupid move, he should have opened the cap. :freak:

    I have never never never ever had a problem with this and have filled all kinds of motorized stuff in the winter, left the can out long enough for it to get cold, add some more etc, and then stick it in a heated garage with no problems.

    Just a warning.. don't be me :goofy:

    everything smells like gas! :whistling::icon_cry::shout::shout::icon_cry::icon_cry::icon_cry:

  2. upshifter

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    I don't like those cans either. I like the older cans better.
  3. arceeguy

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    When the plastic cans went "eco-weenie" with no vents and push to dispense spouts that make you spill fuel all over - I bought a few army style steel "jerry cans". They don't leak, and have a regular spout without the stoopit push valve. See folks, this is where our society is headed. Politically correct gas cans. hoodathunkit. :ack2:
  4. MotorMac

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    Bringing it into the house is where it went wrong. My wife would have skinned me alive if I brought gas into the house.
  5. SirJakesus

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    I have a couple of these cans that I've used for years. They say spill proof but still leak from time to time from between the threads. I'm guessing you had a defective one as I've hauled my 2 stroke mix gallon with me on gas runs many times with my electric and gas bikes over rough country roads. I'll keep an eye on it to make sure the seams aren't splitting.
    How long did you own the can? And I agree with Mac, indoors is no place for gasoline. Best you can do is mop and rinse best you can and keep the windows open until the rest of it evaporates. Inhaling that stuff for long periods is really bad for your health.
  6. BSA

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    I dunno about the USA but over here we used to have petrol pumps at petrol (sorry gas) stations that mixed the oil with the fuel. You would push in the button with the ratio you wanted and the fuel that came out the nozzle was 2 stroke premix. Preety neato but they aint got em no more.

  7. Flapdoodle

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    Say, that is neat. I hope they had a provision to inform you if the pump was out of oil. I would hate to get a dose without oil in it.

    I just had my own run in with an unvented gas can. It would not come out, so I loosened the nozzle ring. It came out great, overfilled, and soaked the garage floor with gas/oil.

    Have another slice of Soylent Green.
  8. Pablo

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    Whoa....I don't even keep gas cans in my garage....
  9. Accender

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    I bought a new gas can (5 gallon) and a (one gallon) last month. All I can say about
    the new California gas cans are that they spill gas when used. The one gallon is ok I guess as it pours a broad leaf of gas when used. However the five gallon can is
    like the Exxon Valdes and spills gas all over when used. I truly believe the enviormentaly
    friendly law makers will destroy this planet.
    Old gas cans (no spill)
    New gas cans ( spill everywhere)
    Thanks, you smart law maker types.

    Oh, the manufacture contributed to your election, well then OK!

  10. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    I hear you.....suckers spill and leak!
  11. bluegoatwoods

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    It's true; gas cans are terrible these days.

    At least the cheapos that I buy are terrible. But then I only spend about two and a half bucks for a one gallon wal-mart job. (Hint: cut off those stupid, stupid childproof tabs)

    But maybe the cheapness is the problem. If we could find a, say, $20.00 gas can would it be better? Maybe.
  12. arceeguy

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    The 5 gallon jerry cans I bought cost $35 each at a local army/navy store, but I think they will last a lifetime. Curiously enough, I think they are manufactured by Blitz. So in this case, you really do get what you pay for!
  13. hill climber

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    my solusion to these push to pour nozzels, 1 large washer, must fit in the threaded nut snugly,weld a piece of tubing on the washer, just an inch or 2. put an oring on either side of the washer, install in nut, add flexable hose with clamp. nice no spill, no leak gas can.
  14. mechcd

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    This can was about 3 months old.

    Where do you keep your cans if they aren't inside or in the garage? I can't keep it outside. I had been keeping it in the trunk of my car, but if having it in a garage is bad, a car trunk is a lot worse.

    I'll admit bringing it inside was a bad idea