Blown head gasket!

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by rockhardridefree, Jun 19, 2007.

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  1. Well I should've checked the head bolts a bit sooner, now I've blown the head gasket. I've heard of people running dirt bikes without one. What do you think? What about a homemade one? Anyways I've ordered a new one but damn it's going to be probably two weeks until I get it and in the mean time I'm going through withdrawals! :(

  2. lotsa_mpg

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    I suppose you could cut one out of aluminum if you can find some aluminum sheeting of the proper thickness. I wouldn't recommend trying to run without a head gasket. I know of some 2-cycle engines that don't use head gaskets, but they are built to run that way. If you tried running yours without a gasket, you would be significantly increasing the compression ratio and I don't think it would run good or for long. Also, the machining on these engines likely isn't precise enough for them to seal without a gasket.

  3. JosephGarcia

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    30 guage galvanized sheet metal. this stuff can be cut with normal scissors

    would this work? I have a roll of it laying around that i cant do anything with.
  4. davidsis

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    Liquid copper

    What about some of that liquid copper gasket crap? Maybe that would work.
  5. lotsa_mpg

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    I don't think I'd bother with the galvanized....the head gets pretty hot...Have you ever tried welding or grinding galvanized metal? It gives off a terrible stench and I'm told that it isn't good for you to inhale the fumes from hot galvanized metal. And I doubt it would seal as well as aluminum anyways. Try your local lumber yard for some aluminum eave flashing. It's really cheap and I suspect it would be about the right thickness...maybe a little thin, but you could double it up if you had to.

    The engines I mentioned earlier that did not use head gaskets were in some old golf carts I worked on many moons ago. To assemble them, you simply cleaned the head and cylinder really well...and then sprayed both mating surfaces with a light coat of aluminum paint and let it sit a couple minutes before bolting together.
  6. Guest

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    I would use soft copper sheet and a micrometer to MAKE SURE you have it close to the right thickness.
  7. JosephGarcia

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    I wouldn't know, I don't weld anything.

    I was just wondering beucase I have no use for this stuff. I have like 5 feet of it.

    interesting to know that though, thanks.
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    I would go with Bike guy's response,,,

    just make sure you don't put too many layers of copper in there. Its available at most home depots

    Hope this helps.

  9. Head gasket

    These are low compression engines, why would you care about the thickness? you will NEVER get too much comopression on these that way, Mike
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    Re: Head gasket

    Because you may get even lower compression if you use too thick a piece of anything.

    Also, I would be wary of increasing the compression too much unless you are ready to rebuild one.
  11. I have the same problem and I can't get a new gasket for a few weeks.

    I have some exhaust gasket that has 2 outer layers of what looks like aluminium with a thin layer of black paper looking material in between.

    I am thinking of making a new gasket out of this??????

    I also thought that I may be able to get a gasket from another similar size motor maybe from a yamaha or a honda etc that may be a close fit?

    Anyone had any joy with these options?
  12. head gasket

    somewhere a customer of mine found a moped head that actually fit his China-Fire engine, might try moped shop,

  13. Thanks MotorbikeMike,

    When you talk about a moped are you talking about what we in OZ call a scooter as in a Honda Spree (badged a Nifty 50 here!) type ride?

    If you are I could take the head to various local suppliers and see what they have. If I get one I will post the part# here.
  14. rj1967

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    Can a gasket be made out of aluminum can? Just curious. Also my bottom gasket blew but still runs. Just low compression. Whats bottom gasket made of?
  15. butre

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    head gasket can be made of an aluminum can, bottom gasket can be made of gasket paper or cardboard.

    I've had the zinc shakes before, that's not something I want to experience again. I wear a respirator while grinding the galvanization off and leave it on for the welding just in case there's still a little bit of zinc left on it.
  16. rj1967

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    I used to be a temp at a galvanizing plant. Its definitely nasty stuff to work around.
    Make your teeth turn black.
  17. rj1967

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    If the lower gasket is just cardboard..can I just make one or does it need to be a certain thikness? Better yet can I get away with just using rtv red silicon gasket maker?
  18. butre

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    You can make one out of a cereal box. Just RTV will cause the transfer ports to be too low in the engine.
  19. rj1967

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    Got it. Thanks. Problem solved.