Blub, Blub, Blub. Won't start.

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    Carb was leaking gas. In 20 miles you'd go through 1/4 tank. Thought the float was too high causing the bowl to expell excess fuel from all the wrong places. I bent the little fork that connects to the needle valve so the float wouldnt come up so high.pulled the barrel, spring, needle valve, and throttle cable unit out and cleaned it and replaced it. The problems turned out to be the float bowl gasket wasn't seated properly causing gas to leak out onto the motor. l checked that fuel was flowing from the tank's petcock and the choke lever moved freely but, with the choke in the starting position, and peddling the hell out of it, you pop the clutch and.... Blub, Blub, Blub. That's all. No sign of life. It was running! What did I unadjust when I messed with the carb? What is the correct float level and how do you set it?

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    click on my signature link and go to the page Carburetor Jetting Tips