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    Hi everyone DJ here and new to this site.I got a bike from Bob at blue collar bikes and i love it,this guy totally hooks you up.After searching all over for one of these I do have to say Blue collar was the best price and he had everything right there in stock.So if anyone is looking for a motor bike and you dont want to get screwed goto bcb.

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  2. Alan

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    What did you get ? How Much ? Never heard of them.

    (Sorry, but your post seems very spammy) Forgive me if i'm wrong.
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    I have renamed the thread and moved it to the review section where it belongs.

  4. If i read this and didnt know Dj I would agree about the spam :grin: .LOL

    Thank you for the kind words Dj.I'm glade your happy .

    If i remember your from Manchester CT correct.


  5. djm

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    spam lol

    well to answer you I payed 175 for what bob calls his so called 80's. ,and i think i got a good deal.And i was new to this site and i was just was saying hello to everyone and since this is a BIKE FORUM I thought i would let people know what i got and where!