blue prints for a bike tower,trailer color coded!

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OK, Ive seen alot of blueprints, and ideas, but i need to tow my bike as easy and straightforward as possible, just roll the bike on tie down and go, so i made these blueprints, or rather rainbow prints lol anything color coded has a duplicate of some sort with the same criteria, the attachment to the bike might need some rethinking, but this seems like it will work good for my purposes, i plan to make it tomorrow. i dont care if you steal my idea, cause it is very simple and can be customized greatly, this pretty much is just the basics, i probably even wont follow them exactly, IT probably took me longer to make this than it will to make the actual trailer and the prints aren't even that great :LOL: you can steal it, i just ask for some pics to see how you customized it to make it better :) anyway here's the prints.

creative criticism is welcome

edit, i didnt say, this will be made with old bike wheels
oooooo yeah it will lol, but im towin it with a motored bike that me and my friend BOTH ride on at the same time, so i dont think it'll hurt it, seirously though ill take any input u got this is pretty much just a blue print and just that, made for the least money possible, let me know about what you think, i really want to improve on it, but i dont have any metal to work with though
I think you just made a way for a guy with some wood,hardware,a minibike rear wheel,chain and a briggs and stratton with a centrifical clutch to make a bonified pusher trailer...although the seatpost mount needs a rethink.
It may be too loose clinking around there.
lol i have all of those things :LOL: see my vids..... i dunno what to do with the seatpost though, cause it'll be goin on a stingray, and the post is wiiiiiiiiide
ok guys, i have it almost 1/2 way built, i had to stop, cause4 the screws i bought ate up my bits, so i had like 25 screws and i built 1.2 of it, i got the platform itself built,, and i am 1/2 way done with 1 tire, it doesnt sound like much, but when you are cutting 2x4s with a hack saw it takes awhile :LOL: the deck alone must weigh 25 pounds or more, it weighs about as much as one of those huge bags o cat liter u buy at sams club lol tomro im gettin screws, so i can make the attachment for the bike, and finish this wheel, and do the other wheel, i just thought id keep u up to date, oh! i went out at 3 and came in at 7 30! lol
Is it just me? or is everyone else having a hard time understanding?

drill stripping? Is it the drill, or the bit, or the screw??? YOU have to decide which bit to use,,, not us! YOU have to see which bit fits best,,,, NOT us. Now just HOW are we supposed to know what your doing when it seems so cryptic of a message?

HOW about you slow down some and start thinking for yourself for a while? Instant answers? We will get to your questions as we find time, drop everything just to get on here? Naw, we figure you will figure it out on your own or, you will just run on to the next topic at hand.

So,,, slow down, try to figure it out on your own first, then think out your posts and see if they really make sense before hitting post.

I really shouldn't say anything, but give us a break here.

papa, i deleted the posts ye they were kinda stupid, buyt i wanted to see if any one had the same issues with these screws ive tried about every size bit and my drill still just strips out the bit, yet the screw looks bran new...
Now don't take this the wrong way,,, we will and do help the newbie, but there is an expectation that you really do know some basics, and if not then tell us you don't know. Other wise we end up talking down to you which is not only not fair to you but demeaning also. On the other hand if we use normal vocabulary and its over your head, then that is not good either.

So,,,,have you looked at the screws in question, and the bits,,, to determine if they are in fact the right bits for those screws? We can't see them from here! Are you applying constant pressure in a straight direction (not holding the drill at an angle to the screw)??
My first thought would be that you are not using the right size bit for the screw,, but again,,, I can't tell from here. You said,,,,"ive tried about every size bit and my drill still just strips out the bit",,, what is "about every size"? They are numbered for identification, just like sockets or wrenches, or drills. "my drill still just strips out the bit" Have you tried "slowing" down the rpm on the drill motor? Is this in fact a drill? or a drill driver???? A drill will have much more torque/rpm and is not suitable for driving screws. A variable speed unit with an adjustable clutch works best. So,,, next post try to include information that might get us on the same page so we can get you going.

torque/rpm and is not suitable for driving screws exactly, in the post i deleted, i said that it stripped out my electric screw driver, thus ruining it, and the only speed control is a screw in the trigger that makes it harder to pull... but its not like im a noob at this its just seems like the screw is made of carbon steel, and the bit is made of soft lead if that makes sense, i have a depth guege so it wont go beneath the surface, but it doesnt get there! its not like i dont know how to use a phillips, ive used this drill before also... but it seems like these screws are just ...... wierd, some kind of coating? ther're all purpose screws, you'd think they would go through 2x4 's oh welll, i guess ill just get rid of the screws and buy new, and its not like i buy cheap bits either, i paied $20 for a set of 2o bits from black & decker oh well were gettin pretty far off topic, and no offense taken, i can totally see where you would think i was a moron for posting that, i personally think you were pretty nice about it, not saying off topic etc but forget i said anythin (about te screws any way) ill be finishing it tommro, and ill post pics in the pics section.
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