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    this is my semi restored magna cruser. the engine started life out on a mountain bike i picked up from the scrap yard for $8(just for break in). my best friend gave me this bike as a spare bike. so i took it to work(ford dealer) and used the body shops stuff to sand blast the powder coating off. i did a rattle can paint job to it with a pretty ocean blue metal flake, looks much better in natual light. as i was installing the engine a coworker walked up to me and sayed "my brother in law has a boost bootle laying around, do ya want it?". i jumped on that like a cat on cat nip. i also added the controls off of my old honda express as the controls that came with the kit were rather cheapo and crappy, the honda ones also have turn signal swithches, headlight switches, and a horn button for later addons. after the pics were taken i put new tires on and secured the spedo pickup. i got a 26 tooth sprocket and new brake pads coming in the mail. as is it tops out at 28mph. for the record boost bottles work!

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    Nice job. The paint looks great.
  3. Love the bike.
    Love the background.
    Love the way you are sticking it to the man!
    I bet customers be like "I spent 180 dollars on my F350 fill up."
    And you be like " I spent a buck seventy myself"
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    looks good. a 26tooth? you should be topping out alot more than 28mph. anyway, its always nice to get a free frame to dink with :)
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    typo i meant a 36 tooth
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    ohh 36 tooth! lol i was thinking whattt? Very nice looking ride though! Brilliant job on the paint, usually rattle can jobs are a big mistake but that has turned out very professional. Is that an upgraded spark plug cable? And good job on the fuel line I'd also recommend putting a fuel filter on their as the tanks spit rust into your fuel! You can get them on ebay for like 5 bucks (search pocket bike fuel filter)
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    yea thats a copper core wire and a ngk plug cap to allow use of a plug without the thread connector. thanks on the heads up on the fuel filter.
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    very nice! theres a thread here about the copper core wires, I see your handlebars gettin a bit crowded too, you can get dual cable brake levers but they are hard to find, I'm sure someone else we give you a heads up! But that control set up does looks very sturdy and nice!
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    Excellent bike, but be warned that your air filter will let water in like that.