Blue wire to black wire nightmare

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    Name is Fabian

    Just want to introduce myself to the members and ask a technicial question to help solve my electrical problem on a Chinese 66cc 2-stroke.


    Basically the engine only runs when the blue wire is connected to the black wire and the black to the blue wire.
    If i run blue wire to blue wire and black wire to black wire, the motor does not run at all, BUT, when the sparkplug is removed from the cylinder head and resting on one of the cooling fins, it sparks just beautifully.
    I have tried 3 different sparkplugs with the same result.
    I have removed the magneto from the previous engine and installed it on the current engine and have also installed a brand new CDI unit but the problem is still the same.
    Only runs when blue wire is connected to black wire and it constantly misfires when it runs and has no power and doesn't want to idle.
    I've cleaned out the carby, cleaned the air filter and installed a new fuel filter just to be sure and disconnected the white kill switch wire but the problem still remains.

    I am going out of my head with frustration.
    During the day, and by chance, someone rode up my street with a Chinese 2-stroke motor on their bike and they had the blue wire connected to the blue wire, so i have no idea as to why my current setup does not run properly and fails to run at all with blue wire and black wires connected to each other.

    Your knowledge would greatly be appreciated.


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    Hi Fabian.

    Welcome to MBc.

    your intro thread was becoming way too techie.... all the info would soon be lost.

    I moved all the replies to your other thread, in the 2 stroke forum. this way, when we find a solution to your problem, it will be in the correct place, to possibly help someone else at a later date.