BMP Friction drive Sale or Trade for GEBE kit!

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by f3if3i, Oct 4, 2010.

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    Have used it for about a week, now it's starting to rain here :( Can't ride fast in rain at all. Dry, I can coast at 30 mph all day and my Subaru is warm to the touch :tt1:

    I have drilled two holes into the shaft to level my engine thats all.

    Would like to trade for a GEBE kit engineless or for $115 it's your shipping included.

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  2. g1manalo

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    just buy the gebe its somuch better. you wont be sorry, so smooth. i have a bmp with honda gx 35 just sittin in my garage. i loooove my gebe with tanaka 40. fun
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    Don't you think that there is some validity in the concept of allowing the original poster of a thread in the "for sale" forum to be able to monitor his own thread? This is common policy in the "for sale" forums on many other websites.
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