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Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by masterx1234, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. masterx1234

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    its so sad,i just check on their website and it says they will no longer be selling kits!! good thing i already bought mine back in 2009, but the good thing is you can still buy one over at

  2. mlcorson

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    Masterx....What are you talking about? This is a bogus post. I just received the new model several weeks ago. I just checked their website...looks like they're up and running. What BMP are you talking about? Bike Motor Parts?
  3. masterx1234

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    dude it says it here on this page:

  4. mlcorson

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    Yeah, sorry... now I see it. It wasn't on their home page. Great friction kit...sad to see em quit.
  5. 5-7HEAVEN

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    Yeah, their new chain drive would've revolutionalized rear drive, just as the SBP shift kit has done.
  6. mlcorson

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    I just received the new style in January. Heavier duty than their first model, and I was planning on adding the jack shaft kit. I wonder what happened?
  7. occchopperfl

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    I emailed James at BMP earlier, and I just left a message on his phone.
    I hope this is temporary - they had great break thru design as of recent.

    James? Let us know whats up please?

    As a MB Community, we'd love you to STILL be here!

    I look forward to your response James, and I wish you the best!
  8. Skyliner70cc

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    I don't follow friction or rack mounted drives but is this the company Dax stole the design from for their friction drive?
  9. mlcorson

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    I know there has been some competitive pressure on this style of kit, but cheaper is usually NOT better. Their new kit is heavier duty than the first I bought several years ago. And the new jack shaft capability is a great innovation. DAX's looks like a cheap knock off. I hope Jim didn't collapse because of the lower priced competition.
  10. Richard H.

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    It might be hard to characterize it that way since the initial bmp design was 'borrowed" from staton.

    FD designs have been around a long time so patent exclusivity will be problematic despite what any site indicates.
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  11. masterx1234

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    i agree i think dax is ripping off bmp, he has blocked me on youtube and wont even reply to my messages because he knows im a bmp fan
  12. Skyliner70cc

    Skyliner70cc Active Member

    Yep, Dax is pretty funny. They copywrite their products to imply to those with limited legal knowledge that their designs are protected against copy by other manufacturers. All a copywrite does in their isntance, protect the name of the product-if I'm wrong, please have a lawyer type correct me.

    Their rack drive is copywrited and they have a TM (unregistered trademark) by their shifter-kit name. Neither protects against someone pulling a Dax and copying the ripped off designs (Staton/BMP or Sick bike parts) and manufacturing their own.
  13. lowracer

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    I exchanged emails with Jim a few weeks ago & he mentioned that he was getting out of the business. Jim is a great guy & I really liked dealing with him.
  14. happycheapskate

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    I think BMP has a winner, and I'm interested in buying the business, but I have to find out a lot of information first, and see if I can get some investment help or sales help.

    I need to know if I buy the deal and raise the price, will the mfgrs they've been using still work with me as a new guy, or shut me out?

    I need to know if customers are willing to pay more for the American BMP kit, and see if I can get anyone willing to pair a motor directly with the kit or let me buy the motors and sell with the kit (probably the harbor freights first, since that is so popular).
  15. occchopperfl

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    Yeah, James never got back to me/ us.
    It would be nice if someone took over and tried to make BMP work successfully.
    I think the Robin Subaru EHO35cc would be a good engine to have, like statons complete pkg.
  16. Tanaka40

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    Wow, I bought an extra long bracket for a rack to fit my mountain dual suspension bike. Great service and I am sorry to see a good business go down. James, if you read this, I want to say publically "thank You" and good luck in whatever you do.
  17. greguk

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    I would help, but I bought 2 already. I'm only disappointed they didn't manage to settle Honda gxh50 on top and connect it by chain with roller - it's smarter than that chain which might loose on vibration and jump off from wheel's sprocket.

    The Irony is that lack of options - there is happy time and really nothing else after that. I expect from grubee to made 4 stroke gear box for honda and what? Nothing. I don't want to say there is nothing - I'm saying there is nothing what look sturdy and working without greasing and wheel spokes stretching - and obviously without plenty of M6 nuts everywhere which have to be tightened. It's funny to ride few weeks like that, but the longer you ride the parts start to wear and loose.
  18. happycheapskate

    happycheapskate Active Member

    I like the idea, but I am being thwarted. I need a couple machines and start up money, but this would be a great home business. I just don't have any money to risk, so unless someone wants to be charitable or risk the investment, I'm SOL. If someone else takes this up, I can maybe sell kits or work for their co.

    I think people would like the way I'd run it though, with online sales, 2 simple packages: Either the roller drive or the belt jackshaft/chain drive "combo" with the killswitch and throttle lever included, unfinished w/o powder coat or paint.
    (buyers can paint to match their bikes, spray with engine clearcoat, or oil/wax it)
    I might even drop ship Harbor Freight motors. I don't like BS and just want new motorbicyclists to have a good experience without breaking china kits or injuring themselves with chain-dropping happytimes.

    If we are going to be a serious party in transportation politics, we need serious transportation vehicles, widely accessible to the public.
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  19. true. it would be nice to see the whole motor bike experience a little more uniform. i just got into this and finished my first build about 2 months ago. it took me awhile to figure out what kit to order. as the people who sell these engine kits dont seem to be organized. and it all seems like a shady business and you never really know what you are buying or who/where its coming from. it would be nice to have some real players out there that were really profesional and had their sh*t together. and above all made a quality product IN AMERICA. a business that made and sold all engines and parts and upgrades on one site and from 1 company. because honestly i think if we had that type of thing this hobby, or what ever you want to call it, would be alot easier to get into. and with the coming gas prices and high prices of everything. i think you could see more people turn to this type of thing to get around. someone out there could make a whole lot of money if they got their act together. and really who could do it better than some of us getting together? no one knows and loves these bikes more than us who ride them. maybe some of us ought to start talking about what resources we could pool together and what we could do...? :idea: :D :helmet:
  20. bluegoatwoods

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    For whatever it's worth, there's nothing wrong with making your own version of an unprotected idea. If someone like Dax saw one of these drive kits and thought, "I could do that....", then he has my blessing. (I promise you, too, that I'm anything but one of those "free-market worshippers". I have serious doubts about an unregulated market. There are those who think of me as a filthy socialist.)

    I suspect that the real problem is that there's not much real money in these things for a small player.

    If anyone here is handy with metals and interested in producing components, then you needn't buy anyone else's assets or ideas. Simply engineer your own and/or copy any good, unpatented, ideas you see.

    I absolutely see and understand the notion of being courteous to an innovator who you have no reason to be hostile toward. You might feel that it's impolite to take advantage of his brainstorm. You're to be applauded for your good manners. But we're talking about business here and there is no room in business for good manners. Not if you want to make money, anyway.

    On the other hand you could produce your own product as a "labor of love". I'd even consider it myself, except making a living and taking care of my home and family takes just about everything I've got. There's nothing left to produce a product that won't pay for itself.

    God bless BMP and Dax and sickbikeparts and all the rest. Especially if they are doing it at little or no profit simply because they love the product. And the same best wishes to anyone else who joins them.

    But if you want to make money, then you'd better produce whatever you can and sell whatever you can and set etiquette mostly to the side. Even then you might not make any real money.

    It's a pity. But it's the virtual equivalent of a natural law.