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Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by masterx1234, Apr 8, 2011.

  1. masterx1234

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    well it seems bmp is getting new ownership, heres what it says on their order kit page:


  2. maltese guy

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    thats good news!!! i bought a kit a couple of years ago and its very well made,easy to install kit. I was getting interested in the new chain drive system but didnt have the funds!!!!! well..i wish the new owners all the best on this venture,and keep James's attitude towards customers which was great!!! regards from sunny Malta
  3. Porkchop

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    James' personality and attitude needs to rub off on a lot of people in the business. He's definitely top notch ! Going to be interesting to see if new management gets the same high praise as BMP has been getting in the past with their customer care. No offense or sarcasm intended towards the new owners/management. Pick up where James is leaving and all his customers should remain well pleased.
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  4. JunkyardDog

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    I have a BMP kit with a Robin-Subaru engine that I got before they came out with the chain drive. It has worked perfectly for almost a year, unlike the junk kit I got from Island Hoppers with a Tecumseh TCII engine, that seized up in a fairly short time, and even before that the bike was unridable because of the noise. It could be heard a mile away. I was just getting interested in the BMP chain drive kit when other things came along that got me distracted for a while. I hope they continue to produce kits of the same quality. Jerry.
  5. wbuttry

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    i'm waiting for bmp to open but nope not yet now another delay ordering stock they should have done that while transferring ownership specially if he knew he was gonna buy it now another couple weeks till we find out what is gonna happen
  6. BentTooner

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    I'm a happy user of a BMP FD kit from 2 years ago and I'm eager to order the new belt/chain drive system for a motorized trike I'm building.

    I sure hope the new owner is as cool as the old one!

    Best of luck to the new guys!!
  7. cpuaid

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    Arghhh... i was hoping that they would have kits back in stock again by now! First they said kits will be available by the end of june. now they are saying "KITS AND PARTS WILL BE AVAILABLE IN THE NEAR FUTURE." Am getting really tired of checking the BMP site daily but i know that good things will come to those who waits. :)
  8. Porkchop

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    Sounds like we can kiss BMP good bye as we knew them. Time will tell, but it sure looks like they're getting off to a bad start. Where's James when you need him ?
  9. occchopperfl

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    We've been patiently waiting...

    Its not right.
  10. wbuttry

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    i dont think the new owner knows what he is doing honestly i bet it will fold before it gets going and there is know way he will be like the last owner or he would be on here chatting with all of us trying to drum up business and giving dates so buyer beware.
  11. occchopperfl

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    To the new owners:

    PLEASE let me/ us know your anticipated re-opening date.

    I really dont think its fair to your loyal customers.

    - April
    - Late June
    - In the near future

    I feel like you are stringing us along. :annoyed:

    If you cant handle opening, just let us know you cant handle it and we'll understand.
  12. spokedjoke

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    BMP- Your fellow Mb ers need YOUR kit!!!
    one thing is for sure, when and IF they get goin again they'll probably be OOS shortly after. i just hope its the same quality I keep hearing about, I just hope I get one before it snows here!!!
  13. occchopperfl

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    You state opening in...
    - April
    - Late June
    - In the near future...

    Tick tock.....

    Its now August 4, 2011...?

    Well, it was nice knowing the original owner James. He was a good guy.

    (Dont even know u, the "new owner")

    Oh well.

    How do we go about changing the thread to "BMP WEBSITE Saved"?
  14. Wheres my dog

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    September 9th, 2011


    My guess at this point is that there is NO NEW OWNER and that was listed on the site to satisfy anyone while he searched for a buyer of the site???

    Would anyone agree?
  15. occchopperfl

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    Unfortunately, I would have to agree with you.

    I thought James was a standup guy. I don't know whats going on or not going on.

    The thing is, I just did a domain search, and he is still the owner. (Unless there is something that I am ignorant about.)

    Here is the link FYI, and for all concerned:

    Attention James BMP:

    If you read this, I'd like to chat up with you on ME buying your business.

    Thank you.
  16. Happy Valley

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    Here's a thought, why buy anything, just do it.
    I remember when bmp started........actually before he started......he had a couple of free youtube vids up on how to DIY a friction drive with parts sources, materials, etc. He took those vids down when he went into business.
    There are no patents or copyrights on this stuff. He was just using the Staton design as a model himself, so I don't see any issues. For that matter it could be made better IMO, lighter and sleeker design and no sacrificing quality. Just be ready to compete with Staton for quality and Dax and Boygofast on price in what is basically a niche market.
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  17. wbuttry

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    **** i would br one of your first customers if you get it open
  18. Big Red

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    As long as Rick from BOYGOSLOW :ack2: didn't buy it, it should be OK.
  19. occchopperfl

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    I dont know the difference between a nut and a bolt. :)

    Buying the business would give me a huuuge jump start, as well as have a very favorable learning curve.

    Designed, sourced, overall good name...

  20. Happy Valley

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    Hmmmm your reply brings a few things to mind......
    I'm sure you're just exaggerating because I don't think not knowing a nut from a bolt would be the best reference point to own a mechanized product business.

    I have a friend who is a successful product designer with some major credits in his portfolio for several large companies. One day at my place I showed him my bikes and he thought they were cool but asked why the friction drive components were so bulky and unrefined? In about 5 minutes he pointed to a half dozen things that could be done cost effectively in production without sacrificing quality.

    I think the answer is they were never really designed, they were built around 4" square aluminum channel, Bmp later went to bent steel but I still have an original Bmp in aluminum. I have respect for Dave Staton building things well but he designs things like an Oklahoma farmer. His friction drives and gearboxes look like they belong on a tractor.

    Bmp was in NY with manufacturing farmed locally out up there. How convenient would that be to you?

    overall good name.
    I understand you're obviously a fan and devoted but that might not always be the case, just something to consider and bear in mind.

    When Bmp first went in business, kits were $199. Then in a flurry of competition, initially I believe with Staton, he went to $159 followed quickly by $149. When Dax came along and went low ball, Bmp whacked prices to $119 then $109 and then just before he closed shop he went to $99! Madness. He put himself out of business, couldn't make any money at that price point and he probably helped Dax more than hurt.

    Staton in the meantime just goes about his business, independent as ever. BGF, well who really knows but thing clear is all of them, Staton, Dax and BGF have many other product lines to sell, Bmp just had the one and when he cuts prices he ended up with none......none at least as a profit center.

    Here's the point: I'm not sure if I bought a kit for $199 or $159 then saw them drop to $99 a year later it would qualify as such a good name. From reading comments here also, I think some feel left dangling, and what about warranty coverage if no one can get a hold of them?

    In the meantime, if you take the last price Bmp was selling at and add throttle and kill switch, Staton FD kits are only a few dollars more and Dax a few dollars less.

    Just my rambling, not meaning to rain on anyone's parade but this is all out there anyway and the subject keeps being hashed over. I guess in the end, for such a small market, it would have to be a labor of love anyway....or something.