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Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by Whizzerd, Jul 23, 2010.

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    I was concerned about some noises in the 1.25" roller w/ one way bearing. A quick call to James at BMP and he sent one of the current rollers w/ a set of new bearings just in case. All free of charge as per BMP's warranty. Fixed the problem. Now that's service!

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    yeah i bought a kit from bmp to..... my first friction far its worth the tire where..... i called to day with a couple questions....and i asked how much the collor was i told them it was my fault it was striped and he said no problem.....sheped anouther out...... i was going to buy it it was not a faulty part just cheap tool i was using but they shure do stand by the warenty only if it covered tires lol..... great kit guys keep up the work.....
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    i also bought a bmp kit, and i stripped out the bolt on one of the shaft collars and they sent a new one right to me! i was amazed at the service they offer, and i just love how the kits have a lifetime warranty, it was well worth the investment
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    Well actually it's a 5 year warranty but James services that warranty to the hilt. My Kids' bikes are featured in BMP's 'customer gallery' and the three of us road our BMP/4 strokers for several miles today in some of the nicest weather this year. I'm pretty much sold on BMP!
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    Thanks Stan, I plan to give a more detailed review of my BMP equipped bikes as more miles are accrued. Long term longevity has to be a determining factor IMO to upgrading from the basic HT/Wally type bike to a many X more expensive but dependable MB. Same for the EZM for an inframe setup. I'm building the hardwood battery box,etc. now for my new worksman/BMPw/ Titan50. I'm riding it now just doesn't have lights yet. James asked many ?'s about my lighting setup and included that info w/ the pictures on BMP's website. Then it's back to the EZM upgrade on my Felt'1903'. I want to be able to give a headsup comparison between the Worksman vs the Felt. Both are very fine setups. I'm fussing w/ sprocket alignment issues on the EZM/Felt. That's just one more advantage to the BMP. I just got an order today for a BMP/Titan35 equipped Sun Atlas! I'm toying w/ the idea of starting a small MB business and will only offer setups that I have personally tested extensively. HT's and Dept. Store bikes are not on my List! Anyone know where a guy can find more time?LOL