Sweet ride,very neat....gotta love those Bob Marleys.
What do u think of the forks for efficiency/ they dampen bumps much?
I notice u have lights....IF their white wire powered please read this (and anything else u can get your hands on here)
Dunno if it affects u but it's worth the info. :)
very clean and looks very comfortable, great job with the proper lights, even the chain guard most people don't use it. Looks like a great Sunday cruizzzzer
thank you very much everybody! ^^

It is a 48cc engine, the forks dampen bumps a bit, but I haven't ridden a motored bike but this so I can't tell if there's a difference between my forks and regular ones.

Yeah I use the white wire for the lights, and the killswitch is on the blue wire, the maual I got said to do that :D