BMX for a chain-driven motorbike?

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by NssOne, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. NssOne

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    Has anybody built one of these by chance? I believe I've seen a video of one before but I could be wrong. Anybody have opinions on this idea? I plan on building one once I finish my trike. If i have any money left, haha.

  2. azbill

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    the hard part will be fitting an engine into the smaller triangle
    you will most likely have to fab a new intake and maybe mounts
    might also need one of the slanted plug engines as well
  3. hill climber

    hill climber Member

    how about using a BMX cruiser, 24 inch tires?
  4. NssOne

    NssOne New Member

    Yeah, I know space may be an issue so I think I will buy an engine before I buy the bike though... Only thing that sucks is I can find a nice cheap bike for the project quicker than I can afford the engine. Oh well, such is life. Just thought I'd check.
  5. Xqizid

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    Im building one atm. Have had to cut the entire downtube out and remake it so it has a 45 degree bend for clearence. As there was no way an engine was going to fit before.
    Using a pocketbike engine with one of the dirt bike gearboxes to bring the drive further toward the centre of the engine. With it mounted up high the peddles only just touch so I am probly just going to shorten each side just enough. Dont realy intend on using them anyway theyre just for legality.

    ***Forgot to say that its a 20" Mongoose BMX***
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  6. sparky

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    I saw a kid on here who said he was 15 years old... can't remember his name, but he claimed he built multiple 20" lowriders (remeber the ones with bent forks). He definitely used a 49cc 2-stroke or less, maybe.... Don't some smaller frame-mounts exist? Seems like I've seen one or two places before, but I sure don't know where.