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    JOE GARZA New Member

    I need feedback on the BOA-G tire, size 26 x 3.45. ( creme color).

    I was going to buy a pair of Schwalbe "Fat Frank" 26 x 2.35" tires, but now
    they are on hold until I get more info. on the BOA-G tires.

    I believe the minimum space width for these tires to fit is
    2 5/8" to 3".not 100 % sure. I may have to modify my frame to fit.

    I 'm looking for balloon round style tires for my bike and I
    thought that the Fat Frank tires were the biggest that would fit
    until I saw these. I was on vacation out of town and I didn't get much
    details at the shop.

    If anybody has info or experience using these tires, please let me know !
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  2. Vinh Truong

    Vinh Truong New Member

    How did your motorized bike turn out with the 3G tires?

    Hi, I am thinking about doing the same thing with a 3G bike. The tires say 345 wide, but they are really no larger than 3". How did yours turn out?

    JOE GARZA New Member

    This is the "project" bike that I'm working on minus the motor.
    and this is the 3G-BOA tires I bought for this bike .
    The front & rear forks have to be modified to accept this size 26x3.45"
    I bought this black cruiser w/fat Schwalbe size 26x2.35" & also I was able to adapt the big
    3G-BOAs with no problem
    I removed the black "BOA" lettering for a more vintage look , which I will install on
    my project bike later. Here's a close-up of the 3G-BOA without the lettering.
    I think these bigger tires will look awesome on my "motorbike" when it's done !
    Not sure when though….Good Luck on yours :clap:
  4. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    Those tyres look great!
  5. Racie35

    Racie35 Member

    wondering how these tires worked out for everyone?
  6. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    Where have the photos gone???
  7. Racie35

    Racie35 Member

    dont know......I looked up the site to see the tires though....was hoping people had feedback on how they worked out