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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by wayja, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. wayja

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    Hello Forum,

    I thought would share with you my board track style project. I started out with a 1962 Schwinn cruiser frame and added a Chinese four stroke kit. Being new to the whole motorized bike thing, I though it was going to be a bolt on and go project. Not! Everything that came in the kit, with the exception of the engine had to be reworked or replaced. Lets start with the 3 piece crank. I figured I would just buy an "ashtabula" to 3 piece crank bottom bracket conversion kit and my problems would be solved. Again, Not! Because the engine mount bracket was not designed for this frame style, it sits way to low in the frame for everything to work right. Notice in the pictures the stack of nylon "shims" to get the mock up just right. I was not able to move the engine far enough forward and up enough to clear the crank arms with the mount plate where it wants to fit in the frame. I think I finally got it where it needs to be. Now I will manufacture the new plate to mount the engine in its new home. In this location, I am also able to discard the chain idler/tension arrangement, which had no faith in in the first place. A little paranoid it would rotate in to the spokes. It doesnt line up with the chain angle anyway. I also could not stand the leaky tank that came with the kit, and was able to find an old moped? tank that fit nice. In addition I added heavy duty spoke wheels and white tires. I replaced the kit throttle with an aftermarket ATV thumb throttle which is much more comfortable in this application. About the only things left to do are fabricate some truss rods for the front fork and go riding. Thank you to everyone on this forum that provided information and helped me get this far.

    Rock On!


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  2. bushido

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    amazing!! looks simply awesome!
  3. wayja

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    It Runs!

    I took it on it's maiden voyage this morning! Not only is it quick to get going, it is fast enough to scare me! I am very pleased with how fast the clutch engages with no slippage. It does vibrate more than I hoped, so I will work on a cushioned engine mount.

    The most fun you can have with your clothes on!

  4. Ozi

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    Very nice build. A long pipe out the back would set it off.
  5. JE

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    Nice clean build.
  6. Bill Bones

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    4 stroke kit?

    Where do you get a 4 stroke kit? I've seen the engines by themselves, but I've never seen a kit.
  7. wayja

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    I got my engine kit from, but there are several compaines who carry the kits.

  8. !!!

    Very cool!!! Nice alternative to the Happy Time 2 stroke. Anyone else have any experience with this little 4 stroker?

    What's your opinion of the quality of the kit components, and the engine itself? Is this also pedal start? I couldn't tell if there is a rope.

    Nice job. Keep the greasy side toward the pavement, and gun that thing!

  9. TWalker

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    Those are basically the 4 stroke version of chinese 2 strokes. Don Grubee has been bringing them into the states for quite a while, they are made specificaly for bicycles just like the HT's.

    That one in the pic with a figure 8 transfer case has gotten some bad reviews, but is basically the same engine as grubees just a different transfer.

    pedal start
  10. wayja

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    The engine is the Chinese version of the Honda GHX50. It runs great! It has a pull start that starts in one, maybe two pulls. I have read the reviews on the "Hoot" gearbox and aside from it being a little noisy, I have seen no trouble with it. I guess time will tell. It pulls the bike from a standing start with no clutch slippage at all. I have ridden quite a bit and have not pedaled once. I am liking it so far. I have a friend that is working on a belt drive version that should be very quiet and reliable. My next step is to put lights on it, so I can start riding to work. Stay tuned..

  11. h0tr0d

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    Hey Wayja, cool bike. Your build looks strangely like mine, mainly because of the tank and tires. The tank you have (like mine) originally came from a Bianchi moped called the Bianchimatic. Your engine looks to be a keeper. I can't wait to see your finished bike.
  12. HoughMade

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    Grubees are not Hoots and Hoots are not Grubees. The engines are a Chinese clone of a Honda and has gotten generally favorable reviews. I will not go over the Hoot vs. Grubee gearbox issues here, but just know there are differences.

    Also, the Honda engine this clone is based from was not made for bicycles. It is an industrial engine and has been widely used in generators, water pumps, etc. long before bicycles.

    But to address the issue at hand- nice bike. I like the style....obviously.